Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Biko from Kenya

Since we’ve been doing 2nd timers all week, I figured we’d keep the party going with Biko from Kenya:
FBDO-012413- Biko from Kenya

The blogger for writes, “According to the insights on my computer, I was not surprised to discover that The Fashion Bomb Daily is the blog that I visit the most.”
fashion bombshell of the day Biko Beauttah
“… I especially love looking at the Bombshell and Bomber features to see how the citizens of the world uniquely interpret style, translating it and making it a statement of their own. It’s like we are all members of one human family united by fashion.”

0 biko from kenya
” It is even more refreshing when I see the plus size sisters turning it out, it signifies a bold confidence and defiance to a society that dictates we conform to a uniform idealized standard of beauty.”

03 biko from kenya
“As for me and my fashion choices, I am a fan of having what I call dress rehearsals.”

04 biko from kenya
” This means planning my outfit days in advance and building and tearing it up with accessories as the day to wear it draws nearer, I am inspired by cinema and fantasy.”

00 biko from kenya
” Maybe that’s why my looks don’t translate well to street wear but, I just wear what is in my closet with no regard to what anybody may think.”

03 biko from kenya
” Nothing is too over the top because, I am a fashion dreamer and I make those dreams come true using my closet… like every dream, there are nightmares but ultimately, they are my own.”

07 biko from kenya
“Keep on dreaming because, until people begin to alter their lifestyles to make you comfortable, you should not consider altering yours to make them comfortable.”

01 biko from kenya
Hot! You’re gorgeous. I’m loving your gowns and luxurious accessories. See Biko’s first feature here.
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