Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Amy from New York

Today we have a New York Bombshell! Check out Manhattan resident Amy:

The FIT student writes, “My style is a mix of everything depending on how I wake up in the mornings.”

“… Some days it is business casual, sometimes preppy, but most of the time bohemian-chic because I do love to be comfortable.”

“.. Some of this may have be attributed to the fact that I moved to New York City from Los Angeles so I am kind of a mixture/hybrid of styles.”

” I love the chill vibe from Cali but then I also love the hustle and bustle of professional New York. I blog at where you can get to know my sense of style and vibe but I really just love everything flowy with gold accents and accessories.”

” I prefer shorts over skirts for comfortability and I really appreciate good fabrics.”

“… I love to express myself through the clothes I wear and although I love designer brands that is not necessarily the best way to dress because money cannot buy one style…unless it’s a stylist.:)”

” I aspire to inspire.”

Pretty! Please spill the tea on that pink and purple splashed mini dress! So cute.
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