Written by: Jennet Jusu (@TheJusuQuench) | Fashion Bomb Intern

Yvonne Jewnell, who went to Parsons School of Design, who studied Fine Arts and Fashion Design and has joined forces with her mother Tandra Birkett, an alumna of NYU and Teachers College at Columbia University, to create Harlem Fashion Week and provide prime knowledge on the way to advance in the fashion industry. When asked by Vogue Italia, the start and it’s vision, it’s important to note that they wanted to “introduce a new era of fashion culture to the Harlem community that is inspired by its rich cultural heritage”, their everyday mission.

BTS of Yvonne w/ @Modelvoss


Tandra & Yvonne w/ Jay Manuel @ HFW 2018

Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance of black creators, innovators, mavericks, and individualists within the 1920s with a passion, like their main goal in shedding the light such a people bring, Jewnell and Birkett main objectives was to pay proper homage to black culture and the talent within, that’s been neglected for sometime in such an inclusive industry. Where as it’s easy to appropriate such a rich culture, it’s not so easy to credit and shed light on to individuals that deserves it; but they make it happen by producing a night to support and celebrate black excellence.

HFW is meant to propel emerging designers as well, and businesses that are particularly in Harlem. It’s more than an event but also a movement and a platform that’s meant to introduce society to a new era of fashion. Moving forward, their goal that they share is to represent further diversity and inclusivity. Where the culture and fashion maintains its authenticity with a clear message that is to above all, support Harlem businesses while celebrating the heritage of Harlem, New York. HFW is partnering with NYC African Restaurant Week this season. Guests of Harlem Fashion Week will receive discounts at participating restaurants from 2/16/19- 2/23/19. HFW is also partnering with Princess Jenkins the owner of The Brownstone to support the Red, Black, and Green Affair on 2/21 at Mist Harlem.

Yvonne w/ Quibilah Shabazz (Daughter of Malcolm X) @ HFW 2018

*If you are in New York during New York Fashion Week, be sure to save the date for Harlem Fashion Week’s 6th annual show on Saturday, February 16th! The event goes down from 6:30-10:30pm at the Museum of the City of New York located at 1220 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10029. Get your tickets here.