From floral fabrics, to flirty flared skirts and dresses, the looks from Convos with Claire: LA were definitely tropical and beautiful! I think we all can agree that our lovely guests had fun with their looks and served impeccable fashion moments in their very own way. There’s nothing like a signature style that you’ve made your own despite a theme. But there wouldn’t be great convos with out our EIC Claire Sulmers, encouraging you to break the mode in the name of fashion!

Most of our guest went the traditional route with vibrant color choices and bold floral prints on various textures like satin, tall tops that are so chic and breathable, trousers, and even their accessories! 

Some dared to be different and oh, did they make it work! Completely nontraditional, another bold pattern choice of stripes and even PJ sets, were rocked (so good!). Still on the theme of course, our trendy guests took to rich forest green, cream, bold red colors-spotted on our special guest Rachell Roff too-and a white base for modish patterns on two piece sets for a more eclectic look. From safari looks with khaki and army fatigue, or like another one of our other special guests Ty Hunter who wore a dope rain forest top, the different interpretations were stellar! 

A few opted for a more chill vibe. Like our other special guests, EJ King and Tami Roman, who wore long linen tops and full white, serving a more balanced and composed look. Even our lovely ladies came through with solid colors of peach, and lavender (peep the trendy fringes!) How chic!

It’s hard to not rave over flowy material, striking patterns that catch the eye, and immaculate cuts and draping of clothes that elevates a look to be much more than just a simple outfit. As genius as a theme like Tropical is, our lovely guest for Convos with Claire: LA made it even more epic! What say you, Bombers and Bombshells? Hope to see you at our next event!

Photography: Morris De Photography