UGears constructors are somewhat reminiscent of forgotten wooden constructor sets, which are well remembered by people whose childhood was in the 60-80s of the last century. However, today, there is not a single similar product that would be distinguished by such perfection, thoughtfulness, and originality. The creator of the constructor, Denis Okhrimenko, calls his invention “3D puzzles”.

UGears Design

All UGears kits are unique with their specific details. The constructors are made on modern laser-engraved machines from plywood with a thickness of 3.5 mm. The cutting width for cutting parts is comparable to the thickness of a human hair. This technology allows you to create models that are unique in detail. There is no need to glue anything; the fit of all elements is so precise. Ordinary wooden toothpicks are used as axles and spire. The structures are quite strong, and the movement of individual units, wheels, and gears is carried out by untwisting ordinary rubber rings of the pharmacy type — rubber motors. Parts are assembled on rectangular sheets from which they can be easily broken.

UGears Features

All models are equipped with rather complex mechanisms that ensure the movement of various parts and give the structures interesting functions. For example, a tractor has a gearbox with a lever that sets the drive, parking, and sport modes. The model starts up like ordinary inertial cars – it needs to be rolled back on the table several times so that the rubber band of the motor twists. If you set the lever to position P, the tractor will stay in place; in position B, it will slowly drive forward, and in S mode, it will literally jerk off. One “charge” of the rubber motor is enough for 3-4 meters of track. The timer counts down the time — to start the mechanism, it is enough to move the arrow at a given interval. The hopper of a combine harvester equipped with a rotating reel can be used as a secret box. When assembling a safe model, you can set a unique secret code, without knowing which, it cannot be opened.

UGears Popularity 

UGears constructors are sold in over 80 countries around the world. They are especially popular in Japan — no electric motors and printed circuit boards, solid mechanics, and simplicity of perfection. In the USA, the company has an official distributor with its own online store. The cost of the kits ranges from $9.90 (U-Fidgets creations) to $175.74 (Locomotive railway platform rails).


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