Should a dictionary be created with photographs as definitions, this week’s throwback would have at least three entries, each under swag, mogul, and hustler.  The man has pretty much conquered it all.  Music, branding, investing, starting a charter school, running a marathon, acting on Broadway, his list of accomplishments seem endless.  Believe me, I could go on.  But what makes him stand above most aside from what he and Bad Boy have done for hip hop, but what he’s done to bridge the gap between music and fashion over the years.  Sean Combs, now known as Diddy, may have had many a name change, but one thing that did stick with him is his innate sense of style.
During the 90’s, Bad Boy Records experienced major success, especially with late hip-hop legend Notorious B.I.G.  It was all about flair and letting onlookers know they’d arrived.  Flashy designer shirts and shiny suits were the name of the game.

As time progressed, and Puff Daddy transitioned to P. Diddy, there was a slightly more crisp approach to his style of dressing.  His suits, mostly pinstriped, were a little more tailored, and always paired with a silk necktie.  His love for fashion led him to create one of the most successful clothing lines and one of the most anticipated New York Fashion Week shows started by a hip-hop mogul: Sean John.
P. Diddy eventually dropped the “P”, but gained a whole lot more style.  Still a fan of a designer suit, more modern tailoring, fabrics and colors evolved Diddy’s wardrobe.  From suits in light colors for appearances to tuxedos in white and navy for the red carpet, the man stays as sharp as a tack.  And thanks to style architect Derek Roache, who has been with Diddy for at least fifteen years, Diddy never has an off day.
When the occasion doesn’t call for a suit or black tie, Diddy still reminds us that even in casual gear, he comes ready to deliver tons of swag.  Givenchy pullovers to Gucci polos and Versace printed shirts, the flair doesn’t stop, even in sneakers and jeans.
   To one of the busiest men in the game, who despite his hectic schedule, still makes being fly as paramount as the closing the next big business deal, Diddy, we salute you, not only for your sense of style, but for your unending drive to inspire, teach and succeed.  For more of Diddy, check out our gallery above!  What do you think?