Latto has created quite the buzz while opening up for Lizzo’s Special Tour with her captivating performances and appealing custom ensembles.

If you’ve most recently noticed an improvement with her style and choreography during her performances, it may be thanks to Teyana Taylor who was just revealed as Latto’s new Creative Director. The news comes just after seeing both artists walking side by side backstage at The Special Tour.

Latto stood out in her bright pink House of JMC custom leather cowgirl outfit, styled by Todd White. With the use of various pink snakeskin fabrics, Latto’s look included a formfitting corset and pink leather chaps that revealed her entire bum backside

Photo Credit: IG Reproduction

In a video clip that Teyana Taylor posted to her Instagram page, she walks viewers behind the scenes on the set of Latto’s rehearsal at Coachella where she most noticeably walks dancers through choreo, and ensures that Latto’s set design and production are running as smooth as possible.

“I am truly a proud AUNTEYYYYYYYYYYYYY @latto777 you did ya big one both weekends. Im so proud of your growth, willingness to be a student to better your craft and your dedication! I’m so excited for the journey ahead with you as your CD. 4 shows down together and a lot more to goooooooo! Let’s goooooo,” Teyana expressed in her caption.

It’s evident to see that Teyana Taylor is helping Latto bring concepts to reality. With her latest performances being such a hot commodity, the 24-year old rapper is next up to lead the women of Hip Hop. We look forward to seeing the magic that Latto and Teyana create as we know that this dynamic duo is bound to make incredible waves.