African reality TV has taken the international entertainment landscape for a whirlwind recently, so when Showmax Nigeria released The Real Housewives of Lagos back in April, everyone, including us, was instantly hooked! One housewife in particular stole our hearts with her infectious energy and undeniably exquisite taste level for all things style and beauty. Meet fashion PR expert and entrepreneur Mariam Adeyemi Timmer! The bombshell businesswoman joined us exclusively for a deep dive into her experience on the show and personal style, get into it below:

FBD: Every Friday, when The Real Housewives of Lagos comes on it truly makes our day, I have to say! Episode four was the moment that many of us viewers had been waiting for because we were longing to get to know the gorgeous, charismatic 6th cast member. Now, you were introduced on the show through Tiannah who is one of your good friends. Did you two meet through the Nigerian fashion industry?

Mariam: Episode 4 was so amazing because that’s when I was introduced and I must say the responses I’ve been getting have been nothing short of incredible. The support has been unwavering and almost overwhelming both locally and internationally.
Toyin (Tiannah) and I, met years ago through a mutual friend but our friendship wasn’t established until 2011 when she hired me as a Public Relations and Co-Coordinator person for a project she was working on. We remained friends since then, she was part of my bridal party for my wedding in 2015 and I was part of hers in 2021. We both have a lot of respect for each other and I must say we have shared some lifetime events together that we both can never forget. Toyin is definitely cool! She has also styled me for some events.

: Speaking of fashion, you were a huge fan favourite when the photos from the RHOL premieres came out, especially in that phenomenal beaded blue and silver Matopeda number – even Tammy Rivera has a girl crush on you! Tell us about the inspiration behind that look.

Photo of Mariam in Matopeda styled by Moses Ebite, hair and makeup by Flawless Faces by Jane: The Lagos Paparazzi

Mariam: First of all, I’d like to thank all my fans out there, You guys have been amazing. I sincerely appreciate you all. Secondly, I absolutely love Tammy Rivera. I appreciate her love and support for my style and personality. 
My beaded dress for the RHOLagos premiere in Lagos was designed by Matopeda. I must say no one else could have done a better job on that look than Tope. My inspiration is usually based on my personal style and mood. I’m not one to follow or copy what others are doing or be regular! I wanted something different, that would compliment my skin tone, figure and at the same time be the embodiment of grace and poise. Matopeda was able to capture that in one dress. I appreciate her talent because she understands my body, style and personality.

FBD: You also have quite the fashion sense on the regular, how would you describe your personal style?

Mariam: I would describe my fashion sense as aspirational with a side of relatable. I also love high fashion, and as a Nigerian, well…couture is our life! I try to look absolutely chic in everything I wear and but it’s important I wear the fashion and not allow the fashion wear me.

Photo of Mariam in Wild Culture and Karlha Jewels: The Lagos Paparazzi

FBD: So, let’s talk life after the reality show’s debut. America loves you girls and the show, that’s for sure! How has your life changed and what has the response been like for you?

Mariam: Awww! I absolutely love America too! As you know my husband is American so we go back and forth quite a bit as we have a home there. John is an amazing husband who loves his life in Nigeria so it’s important to me that his family and heritage be a huge part of our lives as well. Life after the show has been amazing so far even though the work doesn’t stop just because the cameras are wrapped on season 1. It’s getting more exciting day by day and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be me before the world. The messages, DMs and prayers I get from fans, family and friends have been incredible. People who have followed my career for years message me to tell me how they admire my drive and goals. This is the kind of inspiration I want to give people, to make them understand that consistency is key and no matter what the beginning of your journey may look like, eventually the sun will shine on you. I’m looking forward to working and partnering with alot of brands, both locally and internationally, and I’m very excited about that.

FBD: Coming onto the show in the fourth episode certainly must not have been easy. Everyone has already mingled while you had just arrived on this journey with cameras, crew and all! What were your first impressions of the experience, and how were you received by the other ladies? How did you navigate all of this?

Mariam: Coming onto the show while Episode 4 was shooting, because I didn’t know who the cast mates were until I joined, it was clear all the ladies had established a relationship. Nevertheless, I wasn’t worried at all because like I said in my introduction, I don’t get intimidated so holding my ground while letting them get to know me was easy. My personality is so dope that I knew I wouldn’t have a problem being around them. If I’m being honest, I’m happy I joined late because that helped me cut through the initial energy and all I had to be was the new girl. I love my own company as it allows me understand what happens around me and I was able to apply that to the show which I enjoyed.
My experience with the crew of the show was amazing from the first time on set. It’s very hard for me not to get along with those I work with. I consider the crew my family and that will never change.

Photo of Mariam in Wild Culture and Karlha Jewels: The Lagos Paparazzi

FBD: Now, I have to ask the question on everyone’s mind… Can we expect a season 2 and, if so, will we get the chance to watch you in all your glory again?

Mariam: Can you expect a season 2? Lol! Fashion Bomb Daily is just going to have to wait and see.
And if you stay tuned, you will definitely see Mariam Timmer in all her full glory. There’s more layers to this Queen and I can’t wait for you to see it.

Catch more of Mariam on The Real Housewives of Lagos, only available on Showmax!

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Main Image of Mariam in Sevon Dejana styled by Moses Ebite, hair and makeup by Flawless Faces by Jane: The Lagos Paparazzi