This week’s beauty crush has been in the game for over fifteen years, and doesn’t look a day over when she first set foot in the music industry. Topping the charts with multi-platinum albums and the iconic single “Foolish”, Ashanti has cemented her position in entertainment, especially being an independent artist.  Now, touring the world and giving us look after look and tropical holiday pics galore on her Instagram, we couldn’t help but take notice how much she’s been slaying.
Ashanti’s mug has to be a makeup artist’s dream because her skin is so flawless. Don’t believe me? The proof is definitely in those vacation pics where she exhibits a sun-kissed glow sans maquillage.
 But like most women, she embraces the transformation when glammed up. Initially a nude gloss kinda gal, Ashanti’s makeup looks eventually evolved, mainly staying on trend with what shades were popping at the time. Foundation, concealer and neon pinks that used to frame her pout was a common look for her back then.

  But now a perfectly contoured and highlighted face accompanied by whatever lip shade she’s in the mood for is doing her justice.
 Ashanti hardly deviated from dark hair. Whether long and curled or straight with a bang, she usually wore it black.
These days, she loves experimenting with different cuts, lengths, and colors. Blonde and blunt? Did that.
More than a gorgeous woman who prides herself on eating healthy, juicing, and working out (as evidenced by her bikini clad appearance in the latest Ciroc ad), her drive knows no bounds. Managing to stay relevant in the music industry as an independent artist speaks to her amazing work ethic. Not only that, she’s producing films and acting. Nonetheless, her busy schedule hasn’t kept her off her game one bit.  In short, she’s nothing short of a boss.