Accredited as “fashion’s biggest night out,” the Met Gala is a fundraising benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Celebrities, political figures, and creatives in every sense of the word, attend this glamorous event dressed to fit the theme of the night. This year’s theme, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” similar to every theme, is greatly up for interpretation based on the designer and the invitee. 

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Each year, the Met Gala teaches us that fashion is up to us; we have every right to be creative and wear what we feel fits best. Truthfully, this message of this event should carry through to many different elements of our lives: work, home-life, relationships, etc. How can we make everyday life our personal Met Gala? 

Finding your Personal Style 

Defining your personal style can come with a lot of stress. The best part about style though, is that there is no right answer. Your look can depend on the day, time of year, hour of the day, whatever you’re feeling at a particular moment. Another cool thing about style is that you are not limited to just expressing yourself through clothing. Try showing off your style through decor! Starting with fun accent pillows or a collage wall. 

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Implementing Elements Everywhere 

Though it might be easiest to start your style journey at home, you should not be afraid to branch out in other elements of your life. Generally speaking, we do not categorize our work place whether it be at home or in an office, as the epitome of expression. Instead of falling into that idea, bring your style to work and start with your desk. Find a cute, comfortable chair, frame cool photos that you’ve taken, customize a Love Desk Mat that embodies what your style means to you. Events like the Met Gala have taught the world to be bold and try new things. Every time you look down at your desk to do work, you should see something that excites you. Your desk mat can feature a specific color, pattern, theme, picture, or even a collage that you create on your own. Customize what you can where you can. Create a place that you want to work in every day. 

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Making the World your Red Carpet   

Personal expression should not be confined to only one element of your life. The exciting thing about style is your ability to be unique and create an environment in which you feel like you can thrive. Although paparazzi might not be taking pictures of your every move, you can still work to feel like a paparazzi should be following your every move.  Starting with the places where you spend the most time is one of the best ways to start your journey. If your closet lacks excitement, you can change it. If your bedroom lacks excitement, you can change it. If your work space lacks excitement, you can change it. You can treat every day like a red carpet event in all aspects of your life. 

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