For many of us, time can be quite an opposing force. In this instance, there isn’t much of a difference. Time to usher in someone new (and arguably unfit) to run the nation, and time to say goodbye to former President and former First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama. But saying goodbye doesn’t lend room for forgetting such amazing and inspiring people. Their legacy lives on, especially in the case of their daughters, Malia and Sasha Obamatbt-malia-and-sasha-obama-48

The pair have grown up before our eyes over the last eight years, but were seemingly stylish little tots during daddy’s days in Senate. tbt-malia-and-sasha-obama-47 tbt-malia-and-sasha-obama-25 tbt-malia-and-sasha-obama-31

Walking in the footsteps of mom, Michelle, Malia and Sasha were often photographed in very preppy styles.  Dainty printed dresses in bold colors by Tracey Reese, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch were on the sartorial menu.


And of course, how can you not ogle their cute coats?  Bright and full of pop in blues and pinks, they added a bit of personality to their wares as they got older.



tbt-malia-and-sasha-obama-33While they both still adore knee-length dresses, during their down time, they love to keep things casual. A T-shirt, jeans, and a pair of flats do the trick for a relaxed vibe. tbt-malia-and-sasha-obama-46

tbt-malia-and-sasha-obama-53 tbt-malia-and-sasha-obama-32Since they’re old enough to dine and converse with celebs and dignitaries, they’ve been pulling out all the stops. How many teen girls can say they’ve worn Naeem Khan to a state dinner?  tbt-malia-and-sasha-obama-63

Not many I’m guessing.

I think we can all agree they’ve grown into stunning young ladies. Malia’s heading to Harvard soon, and Sasha’s still in high school. Who knows what’s in store for them? tbt-malia-and-sasha-obama-5

We just hope they’re ready to embark on journeys that may lead to them establishing their own legacies like their parents.

For more style moments of Malia and Sasha Obama, take a peek through our gallery above.

What say you to this week’s throwback?


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