Today’s Bombshell, Wendy, was born and raised in Kenya:
Fashion Bombshell Of The Day-0401-Wendy from Kenya
She writes, “Fashion bombshell is not something I’d ever have seen in my future, growing up. I was born and raised in Kenya, and I had always thought myself “too fat for fashion”.”
seeing red (1)

“I struggled with my weight throughout my teenage years and escalated when I moved to Canada for school in 2010, where most stores did not carry things in my size.”

0 Wendy from Kenya
“Health concerns in 2011 finally pushed me to take control and I lost almost 50 pounds.”

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” I was suddenly able to afford a whole array of figure flattering clothes without breaking the bank, because I could suddenly shop at mainstream stores. And so it began. “

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“I’ve since become a lot more confident and a lot less hung up on all the “fashion rules”.

01 Wendy from Kenya

“My style is very… feminine. I enjoy a cinched waist, a pencil skirt and an obnoxious heel. I think I exhausted my quota of ill-fitting clothes while I was overweight, and these days, fit is such an important thing to me. “
peachy keen (2)

“I’m Christian, so I do try to be modest with my hemlines and necklines. I’m a little OTT sometimes – I have a friend who says I still have a big-girl personality… I think that’s a great compliment! Also, being African, I really enjoy colour and I wear brights all year!”

blue me away (6)

“I’m a student, and my budget is tight (TIGHT, I tell you), so I tend to shop Clearance Chic, but I’ve found such gems! It does take time, sorting through all the racks, but it’s always worth it. I bought this turquoise pencil skirt for $4.80!!! Can I get an amen?!”
50s (9) (1)
“I blog over at a la Angel. Come visit me!”
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Ok! I see lots of potential here and prefer your more colorful looks. Also, congrats on the weight loss!
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