Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Kade from LA

2nd time’s a charm for some Bombshells, and we’ll see if that’s the case for Kade aka Kadejah from LA:
kade from la
She writes, “The art of developing your style comes through trial and error, says Kade from KadesMode.
” Kade was once a Fashion Bombshell of the Day on a previous feature with Fashion Bomb. Since then, Kade’s personal style has evolved into finding the happy medium from college student to the professional fashion entrepreneur.”

“Living through her motto “style because the first thing they judge is appearance” Kade embarks on the journey of pushing the envelope with the perception of trends and the quality of your image.”

” One too many times I had to struggle with finding the comfort of dressing for my body, staying within budget and setting trends.”

“But in order to set trends I had to be able to take the risk by pairing things I wouldn’t normally put together or see. ”

kade from la 1
“And that’s where I started to find comfort in myself and the things I like.”

kade from la

” Not every day you’ll wake up and understand the way you’re feeling, and when we get dressed, what wear potentially has the capability to uplift our ego and attitude. So if I’m feeling down, I’ll do something funky to my hair, something spunky to my nails, or wear some farfetched shoes.”

” In this, I find comfort that fashion is on you, and style is in you.”

“Check me out for more inspiration here: or @KadesMode via instagram or twitter.”

Hot! I can definitely see your style evolution, and you’ve blossomed beautifully. Just watch out for that snake, girl!
See Kadejah’s first entry here and follow her on Instagram @KadesMode.
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