• Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Malita from New York

    Today’s Bombshell is Malita from New York, by way of Zambia:
    She writes, “ I have a Masters in Marketing and Finance from London but fashion has always been close to my heart.”
    5 Malita from New York
    ” I started my blog, www.malinycollections.com, a few months ago and it’s a collection of personal style and travel inspirations.”

    7 Malita from New York
    “Fashion to me is an art and expression of my personality.”

    Malita from New York
    ” My style is simply chic.”

    4 Malita from New York
    ” I like to describe myself as the queen of color-block.”

    9 Malita from New York

    ” I’m obsessed with the big four – bright colors…”

    3 Malita from New York
    “High heels…”
    1 Malita from New York
    “…big curly hair, and sassy dresses.”
    8 Malita from New York
    Sassy is the right word! Your style is simply exuberant.
    See more of Malita’s style on her blog, www.malinycollections.com and on Instagram @MalinyCollections.
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