Bomb Blogger: Frankie of I Go By Frankie

I guess today’s Bomb Blogger comes by popular demand!

As you all may know, I’m always open to suggestions and new ideas regarding the Bomb Blogger feature. I aim to bring the Fashion Bomb readers the hottest up-and-comers but I also want each of you to genuinely gain inspiration from those I choose to spotlight.

With that said, I’ve received numerous emails and suggestions regarding this young woman and, after careful evaluation of her blog, I decided to feature her. Adobea was the first to reach out, writing, “I recently stumbled across a blogger that caught my attention, and left me craving more… I think readers will love her, too. The blog is “I Go By Frankie”. She’s also a personal stylist for ASOS. I don’t know how I hadn’t come across her site/IG before, but I’m glad I found it. Just thought I’d share!

Well, Adobea, thanks for your suggestion! Without further ado, may I present today’s Bomb Blogger – Frankie of I Go By Frankie.




Frankie’s style is certainly out of the ordinary. With an eclectic (and confident) mix, it’s clear that she surely knows how to piece an outfit together! As I perused her blog, I was in complete awe with the fashion risks this young stylist takes – from the difficult “socks and heels” combo to her print-on-print mastery – it’s no secret why she works for one of the world’s biggest online retailers.








I chose Frankie as today’s Bomb Blogger for one simple reason: individuality. Frankie embodies that special quality that many people only hope to achieve. She pulls off her look so effortlessly and makes everything seem so cool in the process. From the bold hair to the enviable accessories, Frankie is quite the source for multifaceted inspiration. Her style is all about fun!






Want to see more of Frankie? Visit her blog I Go By Frankie here or take a quick trip to her IG @igobyfrankie or @asos_freddie. I’m sure we will definitely see more of this young woman in the future!


So, what do you think of today’s Bomb Blogger? Thoughts?

Any suggestions for future features? Let me know!


Signing Off — Esmesha






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