December 20th, 2013
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Best of 2013: Fashion Bombshell of the Year
By Claire

While you guys are generally lukewarm about Fashion Bombers, you go in and let have for our Fashion Bombshells! Whether nice or nasty, you have no issue voicing your opinions.

For Best of 2013, we’re highlighting those Bombshells who made it on your nice lists with flying colors. It was actually really hard to whittle down the list, though we did decide upon 10 finalists.
In no particular order…

1. Cynthia from New York
009  9 cynthia from new york.jpg
From polka dotted playsuits to printed sheaths, Cynthia’s submission was more than on point!
0 cynthia from new york
The long time reader and blogger for took a few years to send in some flix, but we’re glad she did! She secured a 91% ‘Bombshell’ rating out of 990 votes, and Reeezy wrote in, “Yaassss to the clothes, hair, shoes & confidence! Bombshell!
8  9 cynthia from new york.jpg
Is she our Bombshell of the Year?
See more here and on Instagram @simplycyn.
2. Mbu from South Africa

3  mbu from south africa
Madame Mbu is the owner of Hombakazi Vintage Cabin, a South African pop up store, and was nominated by admirer Zona.
9 9 mbu from south africa
We loved her cropped haircut–and flavorful outfits caused unmatched excitement! Wildflower Elo gushed, “BRAVO!!!! Now that is what gets my fashion juices flowing. Yes!!!!”
2 mbu from south africa
Check her initial post here.

3. Tsholo from Botwana
000 Tsholo from Botswana 1
We first caught wind of Tsholo’s eclectic style in our How Do You Wear It? Feature, and were happy to have her send in pictures for a full blown Bombshell feature.
1 Tsholo from Botswana
She received the most written in nominations and made Andie say, “In a league of her own. I LOVE [her] style!”
Do you?
Reminisce on her looks here and see more on Instagram @thekhoi_fro.
4. Stella from Maryland
Prints and patterns carried punch with Stella from Maryland’s nuanced selection of pictures.
The blogger from offered unbridled variety, including a few (fly) maternity pix to boot! Like2Smize appreciated the diversity, writing, “The hands down BEST BOMBSHELL in a very long time. She is great…I sense a deeper understanding of color, pattern, body-type appropriateness and proportion than we usually see here. Those things are key to being a true BOMBSHELL. And a bomb lip color doesn’t hurt either. WERK Mother Nigeria!”
Remember her ensembles in her post and check her out on Instagram @JadoreFashion.

5. Alicia from NYC
Alicia first appeared on our computer screams back in January–clearly her looks were worth remembering!
The Advertising Exec’s outfits skewed corporate with a cute twist, and you guys went gaga, offering her a 80% ‘Bombshell’ vote out of 1,535 ballots! Soul Touch typed, “Bombshell. Great look, great style, great body, great legs.” Agreed!
Take a look at her post from January 2013 here and be sure to stop by her blog

6. Tiffany from Arizona
Tiffany tantalized viewers with her spot on trends and creative combinations, making her a certified favorite and fixture in our How Do You Wear It? Section.
From body hugging skirts to mixed prints combos, the blogger for brought it each time. 92% of 1,657 people declared, “Finally! Now This is a Bombshell!”, and Loni declared, “I am so in love! This is fashion. She is everything. Thank you Tiffany!!!”
Check out all her ensembles here and on IG @TheWerkPlace.

7. Bonang from South Africa
bonang matheba fashion bomb daily
It seems all our South African Bombshells are submitted by admirers, as was the case with the beautiful Bonang.
bonang from south african 4
Turns out Ms. Bonang is actually quite the celebrity in South Africa, and is known as an entrepreneur, DJ, and a TV Host. It figures–she certainly has ‘it.’
bonang matheba from south africa
See a handful of her best looks here and check out her website

8.Bianca from Romania
Biana was our very first Romanian Bombshell, and stood out thanks to her blue steel stare and sassy shoe game.
You guys were really feeling her! T1K wrote, “Very clean! Love it! Weerk Bianca!!” and Simiyalala added, “Kabomb! Elegant with dashes of color. Well put together. Well done, mi gyal.”
But was she the best Bombshell of 2013?
Take a look back here.

9. Paris from Memphis
5 paris from memphis
Paris from Memphis seduced all of us with her sultry stare and simple yet chic looks.
1 paris from memphis
The University of Memphis student, AKA, and Makeup Artist was super popular, with 1,651 voting on her post, the majority declaring her a Bombshell. Sha excitedly typed, “Very pretty girl!! Her fashion sense is very on point!! Love her looks! Kudos pretty girl!!!”
4 paris from memphis
Take a look at her sleek outfits here and on Instagram @parischanel.

10. Kia from Philadelphia

7 Kia from Philadelphia
Kia Denise was one of my personal favorites. How can you go wrong with killer heels, tailored separates, and a mix of casual, edgy, and chic?
4 Kia from Philadelphia
The owner from FromMyStyle2Urs locked down 84% of 1,309 votes leaving Style4Curves in convulsions as she wrote, “YES GAWDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!” LOL.
3 Kia from Philadelphia
See her submission here, and catch more of her flix @KiaDenise.

And that does it! It was really tough to filter it down to those 10, but we think they’re deserving, no?
At any rate, who was the Best Bombshell of 2013?

*Sidenote: Yasss for geographic diversity. I love it and all the beauty you guys brings from all corners of the globe.

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70 Responses to “Best of 2013: Fashion Bombshell of the Year”

  1. TNChic says:

    Tiffany from Arizona!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cynthia, Alicia, Bonang. In that order.
    Yesss to all the candidates though!

  3. meekaG says:

    I voted for the wrong person. I thought they were in order by the way they were listed.

  4. Mobetta says:

    Tiffany from Arizona, hands down.

  5. Sha says:

    I’m excited that my comment on Paris from Memphis made it into the finale!! LOL!!

    All these ladies have great style!!
    Kudos to you all!!



  7. tmorgan says:

    Paris from MEMPHIS!!!!! YAY, There are limited resources in Memphis (no high end stores and you can count on your hands how many places you can go and shop)and Paris looks like she shops in New York City on a regular. So excited for you girl!!!!!!Also, a shout out to Adrian from Indianapolis.My FAV…..

  8. Arnisha says:

    My vote is for Tiffany from thewerkplace. I love how she mixes print and has a great eye for unique pieces

  9. Sending a huge thank you to Claire and The Fashion Bomb Daily team for the nomination. I’ve so grateful to be on the list

    Tiffany from The Werk! Place

  10. fly won says:

    where are the voting buttons? Loved them!

  11. heyyall says:

    Alicia,Bonang, Tiffany.. Those are my top 3! and they’re not in order..

  12. dazzy says:

    My vote goes to Stella from maryland. Love kia’s style too.

  13. I forgot Tiffany was a bombshell this year…that rattles my vote. She blew everyone out of the water with her print mixing and wearability. I’mma have to roll with her!

  14. I am screaming TIFFFFANNY!!!!!!

    I follow her blog and she inspires me often with her fashion sense.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I wish i could recast my vote! Tiffany did that! She is the winner!

  16. Krystal says:


  17. Hello says:

    Kia or Paris I can’t decide but as stated where are the voting buttons?

  18. Latoya says:

    Tiffany’s style is so chic and she mixes prints amazingly! I still follow her style.

  19. Botswana,you did make us proud Tsholo,much love..

  20. Christin says:

    I can’t vote. They were all amazing!

  21. OLA says:

    TIFFANY hands down!!!

  22. This list is greatness!!! But Tiffany @thewerkplace hands down!!! Mixing of patterns & her style is so clean & refined!

  23. Ezi says:

    Tiffany! #Werk

  24. Anonymous says:

    Tsholo.. The first look..!

  25. Brandon says:

    Between Kia and Paris for me!

  26. Alison says:

    Cynthia for sure!

  27. nyc chick says:

    Soooo difficult. they are all amazing. I honestly cant choose. congrats to all of the ladies!!

  28. Tiffany from the Werk Place is WHAT’S NEXT in general. She has as FANTASTIC eye and takes some of the same piece that many of these other young women see in H&M and Zara and makes something magical happen. She is so fashion forward and humble in her presentation – iLIVE. She is peerless as far as I’m concerned. A close second would be Cynt and then Tsholo. These are great selections though.

  29. .... says:


  30. Nubia says:

    Vote for my LS Tiffany!

  31. Natasha says:

    Hmm, I recall being wowed by other Bombshells this years (the names escape me) but if this is based on the voting scale, then so be it and let Tiffany win the year. That said, I really don’t think Bianca should have the least votes. Love the diversity this year too.

    Something to consider next year FBD Team: Most contentious bombshell.

    You know, those votes that skew all over the place. It would be interesting to see, at year end, if the consensus is the same once all the year’s trends have passed.

  32. RLWB says:

    Tiffany is Amazing !!!!!

  33. moa says:

    This year got to be the worst year for bombshells. 90 percent of the bombshells this year were just horrible and 7 percent were just mmmm okay and 3 percent were real fashion bombshells. I am expecting better next year. The blurry pictures lets leave those for instagram, and lets just not feature big girls for the sake of it lets feature those with real fashion to inspire other women. Also spandex fashion should be out period. Looking Forward to a real Fashion year 2014. lets get fashionbombshell were it used to be , now its becoming a place to get a good chuckle, and thats not a good thing.

  34. lia says:

    i vote for tsholo and mbu in this order. very different and fresh

  35. tiffany says:

    Tiffany for the win! great style, loved that metallic look on the original post. And no, I didn’t vote for her just b/c we have the same name :-).

  36. Teyana says:

    There is absolutely no question that every single girl on this list is a BOMBSHELL!! It is great to see the diversity in the style and fashion of these beautiful ladies.

    However, I believe that the fashion bombshell of the year should go to the lady who took RISKS and made it WERKKKKKKK! So ladies, please lets be honest and real with our votes!! Following the ‘trend’ and ‘norm’ and looking good doesn’t qualify as the fashion bombshell of the year. I see a couple of girls trying to garner votes from their social networking pages. That is a NO NO!!

    The top should honestly be Tsholo from Botswana, Mbu from South Africa and Cynthia from New York. They stepped OUTSIDE the box and took risks that worked for them.

    Lets vote realistically. Please.

    A loyal FBD reader

  37. Sandi T. says:

    My vote is for Tiffany!

  38. UNC Tar Heel says:

    All the ladies are fashionable and beautiful; however, it would have been nice if one of the ladies who represented corporate/professional fashion had been included on the final list. As a professional woman, five of my seven days each week do not allow for spandex, thigh high skirts/shorts, exposed midriffs, and/or excessively exposed cleavage. However, in general, I have found that this fashion site caters to more of the artistic demographic on one end (e.g., colorful and boldly patterned vintage pieces) and the career Instagram fashionista/nightclub frequenter (e.g., extremely tight clothing, exposed bare skin, sky high colorful high heels) on the other end.

    I thoroughly enjoy this site but I would love to see more coverage of professional yet stylish fashion. I think the positive commentary for Wednesday’s Fashion Bombshell, Lillian – the attorney, reflects the enthusiasm for seeing more professional, sophiscated, conservative yet sexy fashion.

    All the best,

  39. DaniGurl says:

    Alicia all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  40. Freedom Lee says:

    P A R I S..sorry how do we vote..just comment?.. :/

  41. Lisa says:


  42. unti says:

    such a bad year for Fashion Bombs but I’d say Tiffany for sure. She was consistent, her stuff actually fits lol and her clothes don’t look recycled.

  43. Lesego says:

    Tsholo from Botswana, different and execution. Love live!!

  44. Collette says:

    Tiffany all the way! Many of them are amazing, but she is hands-down the most creative of the bunch. She gets my vote for sure!!

  45. Katsview says:

    Alicia from NYC, sophistication + swag! It’s her edgy take on the classic and her tailoring is impeccable, she just understands fabric and tailoring but mixes in just enough “BOOM” to show you how it’s supposed to be done.

  46. Sparkly Pretty says:

    Tough call, each of the ladies brought something to the table.

    I luv that they have blogs, I can continue to be inspired :)!

  47. iheartkeya says:

    It’s between Paris, Tiffany, and Alicia, for me. But Bonang looked great too and Kia repped Philly well

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