Men are such strange creatures! We are inhabitants of one planet, but sometimes we are totally different. This is about our thoughts, actions and desires. Things that seem to be strange for women, even unacceptable, surprising and unexplained, for men are absolutely natural and normal.  Why is so happening? How can we be so different? Women from Romance Compass shared their thoughts about that with us.

I think every girl deep inside wishes to know the guy’s thoughts. Perhaps, having known this information, many of these things will become more understandable for her, or vice versa. It’s a mystery. But we can wonder a little bit about a nature of the male soul. Let’s start from the beginning in our trying to understand them.

1. As we all aware, every human has needs of the first level (like food, sleep and procreation) and needs of the second level (like self-realization, love and friendship). Men are no exception to the rule, that’s why they need food, as cliche as this sounds. A hot and tasty dinner will be perfect for your beloved if you want to make him happy after work and move to the second level, namely love.

2. Male are everlasting wrestlers, activists and diggers, by their nature. They make money, take responsibility for addressing difficult issues and control the situation on various life fronts. The rate of their life is furious. So, men want to have a home, where they can return and where they are waited for.  Your sweetheart needs a home for getting away from the urban fuss and for enjoying the comfort of family life. That’s why male population appreciates female, who can create a positive home atmosphere.

3. The another main wish is to have children. It’s a subconscious or biological need. Sex is essential for them as air, water or food. If a guy hasn’t a sex, he becomes angry, irritable and aggressive, that’s why it will be better to avoid this.

4. Since primitive times, the instinct of struggle was laid into men. At first, it was struggle for territory, than for a woman, later for power and others. It doesn’t matter, how this is manifested in a usual fight or in cunning plans and complex considerations, anything has changed.

5. A struggle is good as a process, but a result is so much more important for a gentleman. He needs to be a winner, feel like a hero, a saviour of souls and fates. Let your loved one feel like a deliverer of your problems and scourges as often as possible and he will meet your expectations. It will be a real gift to have a favorite like him next to you.

6. A separate item is a male desire to surpass woman in intellect. That’s why he need to be good with a modern technique, to keep pace with progress, to be able not only understand some sort of novelty but explain it to a lady.

7. Another his weakness is the desire to influence the course of events, by all means. Every guy perceives himself as an important centre of a big Universe. Male feel their dominant role in everything: family, love, work, politic and even…history.

8. A financial well-being is very important in a life of any man. That’s natural because if a guy earns much money, he considers himself a high-grade personality.

9. Being in a society or over society. The subject of leadership is particularly acute for every male creature since childhood. They want to be the life of the party in their youth, later they want to be a boss and on it goes. If a man has like-minded people, this fact makes him fell less alone.

10. At the same time, there is a need for female caress, tenderness and attention. It doesn’t matter, how severe may seem a man, at first sight, be sure, inside he is a little boy, who want to snuggle with woman’s chest and feel beloved. Men need even more caress than women. Where will they get back after the everlasting struggle and the urban fuss?

11. Speaking about the beauty of life, every guy dreams about a luxury car, in his meaning of course. He wants to drive it and enjoy the jealous views of the rivals.

12. A desire for adventures is very popular. And no matter what kind of adventures will be chosen, the necessary condition is only one – adrenaline.

13. And the last one, it’s a desire to be loved. Male want to feel needed. And who, as a woman can help to realize their male desires?

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