Fashion is evolving. The empire is far more than the cinched waists and corsets it was built on. Since the likes of Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen, designers have found safe spaces to be as creative as they feel without limits.

While the industry has made room for unconventional creatives to bloom on runways and in campaigns, there’s still a pool of designers you may not know of who shake up the scene with every stitch, cut, and sew. Today, fashion is more visible than ever, thanks to social media. So you don’t need to sit front row to catch head-turning designs.

Below we’ve gathered the top 5 cutting-edge (no pun intended) designers who continue to push the borders of fashion as we know it.

Jordy Arthur

Belgium-born Jordy Arthur is a designer with texture, fun, and functionality at the top of all his designs. He’s a wiz with pocket placement, often disguising his cash and card carriers as contemporary design elements. Cone-shaped bust pockets are an operative take on the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier design, but his expertise does not stop there. Look to Arthur for transformative fashion like an upcycled jacket that also serves as a vest and backpack.

Shay Rose

Recent UCLA graduate Shay Rose approaches design with a fearless spirit and out-of-the-box thinking. Her Instagram bio details that she “likes to make things” a modest description of her art. She’s as committed as any praised designer, whether she’s spending 150+ hours churning out a cocktail dress made entirely of pennies or recreating iconic Met Gala looks


F6X2 is known to upcycle vintage blankets and old denim into plush hoodies or zip-up coats. Even the wildest of throwback throws have been upgraded into one of their bold designs. Though outerwear and pullovers are their specialty, expect to see variety on their profile with the inclusion of upcycled bags and bottoms.


Inspired by unconventional fashion houses like Margiela, Praise breaks down common clothing and reworks the pieces into unequaled art. He’s known to slash waistbands, pockets, sleeves, and more to create unique patchwork apparel.

Cory Infinite

Cory Infinite is a distinctive designer who specializes in headwear though they can make a mean jumpsuit too. Infinite’s nearly exclusive designs feature various materials from crochet to household items like books and boom boxes.

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