You live but once, you might as well be amusing…–Coco Chanel

Hey Guys!
So life is all about changes, and mine is about to change in a major way!
After lots of thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to move to Paris!!


I know, I know!! Let me explain. I majored in French (and African-American studies) in college, and before that spent almost every high school summer in France, eating baguettes and shopping at Galeries Lafayette. One of my biggest dreams was to move to Paris for an extended period of time, and now seemed just as good a time as any to get a move on!
After my vacation in August, I found myself falling in love with Paris (again)…and though not all is arranged and not everything is absolutely perfect, I reasoned: when will life ever be perfect for an international move???
So after Fashion Week, I put in my notice, began packing up my cute Brooklyn studio, and am scheduled to fly into Charles de Gaulle airport in two weeks. Scream!

But I’m sure all of you are wondering:
How will this affect the Fashion Bomb?
Not much!
What will stay the same:

1. Info on the hottest celebrity trends:
Thanks to the internet, pix of celebrities abound, so I can give you guys a heads up on celeb style from anywhere!
2.Mail Bombs:
I have an eye for fashion! If you guys keep sending me requests, I can still find what you’re looking for with a few clicks of my mouse!
Same goes for Style Files, Designer Spotlights, and the like!

But while most things will stay the same, a few things will change:

1. Shots of Real Style:
Instead of me patrolling the streets of NYC, I’ll be storming Paris, London, Spain, Italy, and more! The Fashion Bomb will have a bit of an international flavor. Not a bad thing! But y’all can always send me your pictures (I already have a bunch which haven’t been posted)!
2. Claire’s Life:
No longer in hot party central NYC, I won’t be hitting up all the celebrity and industry events! Besides y’all don’t log on to see my mug all over the place:)

That’s it!

France is 6 hours ahead, meaning no more waking up mad early to post (for me)! And of course I’ll be updating during the day with all the fashion news you love and crave!

Wish me luck…

*Got any French contacts? Holla at Me.