You live but once, you might as well be amusing…–Coco Chanel

Hey Guys!
So life is all about changes, and mine is about to change in a major way!
After lots of thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to move to Paris!!


I know, I know!! Let me explain. I majored in French (and African-American studies) in college, and before that spent almost every high school summer in France, eating baguettes and shopping at Galeries Lafayette. One of my biggest dreams was to move to Paris for an extended period of time, and now seemed just as good a time as any to get a move on!
After my vacation in August, I found myself falling in love with Paris (again)…and though not all is arranged and not everything is absolutely perfect, I reasoned: when will life ever be perfect for an international move???
So after Fashion Week, I put in my notice, began packing up my cute Brooklyn studio, and am scheduled to fly into Charles de Gaulle airport in two weeks. Scream!

But I’m sure all of you are wondering:
How will this affect the Fashion Bomb?
Not much!
What will stay the same:

1. Info on the hottest celebrity trends:
Thanks to the internet, pix of celebrities abound, so I can give you guys a heads up on celeb style from anywhere!
2.Mail Bombs:

I have an eye for fashion! If you guys keep sending me requests, I can still find what you’re looking for with a few clicks of my mouse!
Same goes for Style Files, Designer Spotlights, and the like!

But while most things will stay the same, a few things will change:

1. Shots of Real Style:
Instead of me patrolling the streets of NYC, I’ll be storming Paris, London, Spain, Italy, and more! The Fashion Bomb will have a bit of an international flavor. Not a bad thing! But y’all can always send me your pictures (I already have a bunch which haven’t been posted)!
2. Claire’s Life:

No longer in hot party central NYC, I won’t be hitting up all the celebrity and industry events! Besides y’all don’t log on to see my mug all over the place:)

That’s it!

France is 6 hours ahead, meaning no more waking up mad early to post (for me)! And of course I’ll be updating during the day with all the fashion news you love and crave!

Wish me luck…

*Got any French contacts? Holla at Me.

106 thoughts on “Claire’s Life: The Fashion Bomb is Moving to Paris!!!!”

  1. That is so amazing, you are about to make The Fashion Bomb THAT much greater!!

    Wishing you all the success in the world, though we will miss you here in NY!

  2. Congrats Claire! I fell in love with the city as well and would love to move there someday. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through you.

  3. aawww im so happyy for glad you will still keep us entertained and up to date on fashion

  4. Claire, I am so unbelievably happy for you. Life is all about going after your dreams, not everything being perfect. I look forward to your parisian posts! I am going to Paris in two years…perhaps we can finally meet over there!

  5. Claire, as a reader of FashionBomb from the beginning days, I want to say that I am sooooo unbelievably happy for you. I love to see anyone go after their dreams! I wish you all the best and I hope all goes well on your journey!

  6. Claire thank you for all the great posts & i wish you all the best in your new venture
    may you be happy in Paris

  7. This seems so bittersweet…I live in Chicago so I always look forward to your NY real style posts and party scene. However, Paris is a beautiful city and I’m sure being the fashionista that you are, the post from abroad will be that much more exciting. I will still be a loyal reader. Congrats Claire. Best Wishes!!

  8. I’ve been a frequent reader for a long while and never posted a comment till now. Paris…WOW!!! Fashion Bomb will only get better. I wish you all the best in Paris and will look forward to seeing Paris through FB.

  9. Awesome. I actually plan on visiting to write my next novel there in a few months. I’m definitely going to have to hawk your site to get some tips and possibly heads up on what’s hot!

  10. WOW!! I am so excited for you! You can do it! You have really influenced me as a blogger and everyday I log on you make want to step my gme up a lil bit more. You give it to ’em in Paris.

    God Bless,
    Ms. Lyssa

  11. CONGRATS! You are such an inspiration. I wish you success with your move, and will continue to read your Blog to see how you’ve settled in Paris.

    Safe travels. =)


  12. How remarkable! I’m so excited for you! Even if it’s only at a minimum, Claire’s Life would be interesting just to see what influence French fashion has on your wardrobe! Congratulations, girl!

  13. You go girl!! How exciting!!! You are so brave and adventurous…it’s what life is all about!

  14. OH WOW…Congrats…very brave of u to move to a new country..Kudos!! Cant wait to see real style in Paris..I hope to study abroad there one day

  15. Congratulations Claire. Your blog is so inspiring and to see the way it has grown is very encouraging. I wish you so much success and happiness. Congrats to Adriana who has done a wonderful job too.

    Regardless of where you’re based as long as you’re still typing away we couldn’t ask for anything more. Many Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

    Best wishes,
    Safera xoxo

  16. Now that is the BOMB!!! Congrats to you Claire! Life is about change and living your dreams because we do only live once!

    I will continue to be an avid reader of your blog.

  17. Ah c’est branche!
    Tu as de la chance!! Paris me manque aussi! J’ai grandi a Paris et je voudrais retournee ! Bonne chance, bonne sante, et a la prochaine!

  18. How absolutely fabulous, romantic and inspiring. Claire, you are definitely a friend in my head, and again inspiration. I love when people follow the dreams, I wish you all the best.

  19. OMG! Claire when I saw the title of the blog, I was in shock! I’m so happy for you. I love when someone does something, not because it’s the most convenient or it’s what somebody else wants them to do, but because it’s what they want to do! Live you life to the fullest. Don’t forget to tell us how the Parisian men are!

  20. Do it big! You deserve every second of this excitement and suspense as you transition to a new phase in your life! This is an huge inspiration and I’m wishing you all of the very best! Fashion Bomb going Global! Now, that’s FIERCE!

  21. Wow! That’s awesome, all the best to you Claire. I’m really excited for you. Vote before you leave ;-)

  22. Claire I am soooo happy for you. What a bold and exciting move. I know great things await in Paris and I can’t wait to see how the fashionbomb will continue to evolve. Please post tons of videos in Paris .
    best of luck

  23. congrats on your decision to move. its so funny so many times as sistas when our Father is trying to elevate us we resist. Thanks because you are definitely an inspiration to me. Once you get settled and everything maybe you can plan trip for fashion bombers to come visit and show us paris (said with an accent). so so happy for you!!!!!

  24. congrats on your decision to move. its so funny so many times as sistas when our Father is trying to elevate us we resist. Thanks because you are definitely an inspiration to me. Once you get settled and everything maybe you can plan trip for fashion bombers to come visit and show us paris (said with an accent). so so happy for you!!!!!

  25. congrats on your decision to move. its so funny so many times as sistas when our Father is trying to elevate us we resist. Thanks because you are definitely an inspiration to me. Once you get settled and everything maybe you can plan trip for fashion bombers to come visit and show us paris (said with an accent). so so happy for you!!!!!

  26. It’s great that you are living out your dreams. Congrats!

    You are quite an inspiration!

    Remember to vote absentee…WE still NEED your vote for Obama!!!!

    What will you do there? Will you be working in fashion?

  27. What a perspective a worldly person has to offer. And good for you! Always a gutsy thing to do and I applaud anyone who ventures out into the greater world. Also, it can’t hurt for a fashion writer to live in a fashion capitol, of course!

  28. Hi Claire,
    I’ve been a silent reader of your blog, which I love and I’m so happy your moving to Paris. I’m heading to Paree in November with 9 friends, i’d love to meet you! and get help with shopping.


  29. Congratulations Claire, I am very happy for you. I enjoy your blog on a weekly and almost daily basis. Change is great and with that comes such great opportunities. Enjoy and I am looking forward to an international flair of the fashion bomb!

  30. This is my first time posting here, but I love this site! Congratualtions! Good Luck God Bless! Wishing you nothing but success!

  31. Claire I am so excited for you that is amazing and so inspiring! I moved from Chicago to LA recently(luckily we had a chance to meet at an event before your move!) and although it wasn’t an international move for me, it was a big step and one I’m so proud to have taken. I’ve always wanted to live in another country as well and appreciate that you didn’t talk about it, you are doing it! Many blessings and I look forward to a new international Fashion Bomb! Congrats!


  32. Congrats on making this change. I’m glad that you showed me a whole other side to my hometown and hopefully you will do the same for the Parisians.

  33. Living abroad was the best experience of my life. Congrats on this awesome change and I hope you run with it, living each day to the fullest. Rock on girl!

  34. Living abroad was the best experience of my life. Congrats on this awesome change and I hope you run with it, living each day to the fullest. Rock on girl!

  35. Living abroad was the best experience of my life. Congrats on this awesome change and I hope you run with it, living each day to the fullest. Rock on girl!

  36. This is my first time posting…but I’m so excited for you!!! I’m an avid reader, and I have recommended some of my aspiring fashionista friends to your website. I wish you the best of luck and God bless!!!

  37. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It is only befitting for a lover of fashion to move to the city that exemplifies and personifies GREAT fashion!!! Looking forward to see what new things Paris brings you and us, your avid readers!!!

  38. I am so happy for you Claire!!!

    God bless you!! It’s going to be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. WHAT AN INSPIRATION! Ive been toying with the idea of moving to London.

    Girl I will be living vicariously through you, at leas til I can get my international Diva-steez on the move.

    How about blogging about the experience of moving abroad. I know I would be reading.

  40. Wow, girl! Do your thing! I wish you nothing but luck in Europe :)


    P.S. You’ve inspired me to FINALLY take a trip to Europe that I’ve been beating my feet about for YEARS. ’09 seems like the right time for me (especially since I have NO vacation time left this year…lol)

  41. That sounds so wonderful and amazing!! I have always envied people who are able to live out their dreams in such a major way. You have an amazingly exciting life and I live vicariously through you! I love your blog and get total inspiration from your post. God Bless you on your new journey!

  42. YEAH ! that’s THE thing !!!
    I hope to see u every saturday in St Lazare or les champs-Elysées !!!!

  43. Well it only seems natural that the most fashionable blog be where it all began! Congrats, and much love and blessings to you!

  44. I commend you for living your dreams! I wish you all the best on this new chapter in the book we call life. Stay blessed

  45. WOW, your decision to move to Paris is MAJOR. I totally wasn’t expecting that, but it’s great nevertheless! I can’t wait to experience The Fashion Bomb France-style! Bonne chance!

  46. Claire, you will not believe! I’m moving too! I’ll be 7 hours away from Paris. Will tell you where off line, but come visit!!! Congrats! No more Monday night gym class, huh? On to bigger and better! Ciao!

  47. Bienvenue à Paris Claire.
    Ton site est très bien fait, j’espere que tu t’apnouiera à Paris et que ton site aura de plus en plus de succès.

    you can contact me on my blog


  48. Congrats on your big move! VOTE before you leave us Claire!!

    So exciting! Black girl is Paris… I’ll be living vicariously through you so don’t forget us when your life gets even MORE fabulous! :)

  49. I can’t believe it, it is such inspration as I am I learning Italian on my PC thru Rosetta Stone, because my dream is to move to Milan for a year even though I never been. I can’t wait for the posts from Paris!!! Also, I think we love to have perspective on the trials, and real deal of moving to another country. I’m so proud because if you can do it so can I. And it doesnt matter if no one else thinks I can.

    Bon Jour, Mademoielle

  50. Best wishes and best of luck!!! If Im ever in Paris, I will look for you! Au Revoir ::)

  51. Congrats!!! That’s one amazing move.Hell,I’m afraid to move to Atlanta and I live in the Carolinas! lol!

  52. WOW!!!!! Congratulations Claire. Living in Paris is going to be amazing. I wish you all the best :)

  53. oh my gosh. i just recently found your website and i am so happy for you. i think like many of us i would be afraid to leave my friends and family behind.

    Do you at least have a few friends in Paris?

    We will live our internation experience thu u.

  54. Fashion BOMB business at it’s best! Just as long as you’re grinding as hard in Paris as you did here at home, I’m sure your legions of blogfans will support you. At the very least, I will.

    Best of luck and future success! I can’t wait to see what you’ll be posting as international inspiration. You are truly the bomb for steppin’ out and doing your thing.

    Trust and believe you have made an impact on me and many others. Enjoy your flight and make sure to send of pixs of your new environment.


  55. Awwwww, Congrats Claire!! I’m so thrilled for you. I wish you all the success in the world and may the good Lord bless all you do abundantly. So proud of you!! You’ve done a fantastic job with your blog!

  56. Wow Claire you’ve inspired me. This is exciting news. I wish you all the best out there. AMAZING MOVE, ONE LIF ETO LIVE.

  57. bonne chance! j’espere que vous vous immergez dans la culture, et l’aimez! je suis haitien aussi et j’avais appris le francais pendant des veux habiter en france un jour, et j’ai temporise. vous m’inspirez. je le ferai!

  58. Hey Claire, wonderful news about the move. I wish you all the best. However, are you going to have a uber glam send off soiree? You should since you deserve it. I will miss your presence in NYC but Adrina will of course continue doing a marvelous job

  59. No better time than the present. =)
    Wishing all the best, it’ll be a BLAST!! Are you staying for good?

  60. Congratulations Claire.
    I am twenty two shades of jealous but in a healthy way. What a wonderful opportunity and kudos to you for making the step.

    I will keep your blog bookmarked and will Mos def be making a donation.

  61. Congratulations Claire!! What an awesome time to move out of the USA…lol :)

    I wish you ALL the success one can have! They say Paris is the “love” capital of the world…hopefully we’ll be hearing some more good news from you in that arena of your life :)

    Until then, we’ll be living vicariously through you.


  62. Wow that is amazing and i hope everything works out for you there. As someone else mentioned that would make this site even better cuz we would be getting best of both worlds, sorta lol.

  63. AWESOME! Or Impressionnant (as it were)!! I hope its okay if I live vicariously through you…

    I can’t wait to see the new Fashion Bomb, Euro style!!

  64. Claire, so you’re really doing it! I remember us chatting about this as I was doing your makeup. I’m selfishly sad, but ridiculously admiring you. You’re brave. I wish you love and inspiration. The two will bring supreme satisfaction and happiness. I got such a good dose of your kindness…I’d fly to Paris for ya…(Of course with a few stipulations…)giggle, wink.

  65. Congrats Sweetie!! I wish you the best!!! And a smooth transition! I was just thinking about visiting Paris and taking French lessons and here I see that you are moving there! Keep us updated on the latest in Paris.Luv Ya.

  66. Well…I’m broke so I can’t give any money however I wish you all this best on your move. I know that you will still be able to give me my fashion fix!

  67. argh! i’m so late on this but so very excited for you! congratulations lady and i wish u many blessings and happy beginnings in paris. !!!

  68. Girl, I am soo excited for you. I love when dreams come true. I just did a major move like that, leaving NYC to the UK a few months ago. It’s a bit scary, but sooo worth it. I am really excited for you, as I just came back from Paris, and it’s a beautiful city! Try to get something in the 92 area:) I look forward to all your success. Perhaps, I can hop over for croissants:)

  69. do ur micky ficky thang gurlfriend….im so xcited 2 find dis blog, all ur fashion advice is so on point…..congrats and may many blessings and fashion luv come ur way…..

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