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Your big day is finally here. For months, you have been planning out the wedding of your dreams. Whether your wedding is big or small, extravagant or modest, it is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible future that is in store for you and your partner. This year specifically, people have expressed their creativity through their wedding plans amidst restrictions and regulations. It is amazing to see how engaged couples are continuing to plan and execute weddings abroad. As you plan ahead for your winter wedding, there are a few tints and shades that can take your style up a notch. In this article, we will share the best wedding colors to use in your winter wedding.

1. Ivory

Ivory is a beautiful neutral color that is stunning against a winter backdrop. This color can come in both deep and soft shades. Complemented by a snow-covered ground or a beautiful sunny sky, this shade helps create an atmosphere that is calm and collected. The best way to invite ivory into the color scheme is through flowers or the bridal gown.

2. Deep Berry

Deep berry is typically a term that is used to refer to a deep shade of pink, resembling that of a raspberry. This is much different than the standard shades of baby pink that are used at many winter weddings. Due to the boldness of this shade, it is best integrated through flowers or bridesmaids dresses. In addition, this pop of color could be used in floral centerpieces or designs on printed materials.

3. Merlot Red

Merlot red is a deep shade that offers a romantic and elegant spin on classic winter weddings. This color is integrated beautifully through deep roses and delicate finishing touches. You can creatively determine ways to intimately and intricately weave this color into the menus and paper products that will be distributed throughout the evening. Resembling the color of red wine, this tint creates a tasteful contrast with the other colors that are being used.

4. Frosty Blue

If you are looking to host a bright and vibrant wedding, frosty blue is a perfect color to use. This shade of blue contrasts the stark colors of the dry trees, especially in areas that have colder climates. In addition, it complements the sparkly snow that grazes the surface of the ground. If you are looking for ways to utilize this color, Dainty Jewells has the best wedding clothing in spectacular shades of frosty blue. Whether you are searching for bridesmaid dresses, accessories, or decorations, this wintery blue adds the perfect touch of brightness.

5. Forest Green

Forest green is a deep and enchanted color that can be used to add a natural feel to your event. This color complements most skin tones and pairs perfectly with all of the other colors listed above. We would recommend using a forest green for the majority of floral arrangements that are used on centerpieces and bouquet arrangements.



This winter, you can design your wedding using tasteful shades of berry, red, ivory, blue, and green. These shades complement one another and allow you to create a variety of different ambiances. Think about strategic ways to add pops of color to neutral backdrops. This is your big day, and you have the opportunity to make it beautiful.

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