Planning a wedding is incredibly exciting, but if you want your day to go without a hitch, you must be organized and prepared. 

Some things are more important than others when it comes to wedding preparations, so to make it a bit easier for you, we’ve narrowed down the ones we think are the most significant. Here are 4 essentials for your wedding checklist.

Book the venue

Your wedding day can’t go ahead without a venue, so one of the first things you should do is find and book somewhere for your wedding to take place. If you have a specific place in mind, visit as soon as possible, and find out their availability. 

Many popular venues can be booked up years in advance, so don’t delay. The same thing applies if you are having your wedding ceremony in a separate location such as a church. Find out when it’s free and get it booked. Once this is done and dusted, it will be a huge relief.

Advise your guests

Around six months before your big day, formally let your guests know your wedding date. This will increase the likelihood that the people you want to be with you to witness your special day will be able to make it. Sending save the date cards is a great way to officially let them know that you want them to attend. 

It’s also a great opportunity to give them some rough information about the wedding location, an indication of timings, and any other important information you think needed. Full wedding invites should be sent around eight weeks before your wedding date.  

The dress of your dreams

For many brides, the most fundamental part of the wedding is their dress. You want to feel confident and special on your big day, so dress shopping in advance should rank highly on your agenda.

Establish if there are any local wedding boutiques in your area and make an appointment to visit. It’s a good idea to take your bridesmaids with you for support and advice and, if you want to follow tradition, your mum should be there too. You might need to try on several dresses before you find the one that is perfect for you, so take your time and make a fun day of it. You should instantly know when you find the right dress.

Choose a color scheme

From wedding invitations to your wedding cake, every element of your big day should (to some degree) tie in, so it’s wise to decide upon your color scheme as soon as you start planning your wedding. This will make tasks such as choosing bridesmaids dresses and ordering flowers far easier.

If you aren’t sure about which colors might be right for your day, buy some bridal magazines or go online for some much-needed inspiration. Once you find a scheme that you love, it will make planning the rest of your day far easier and a lot less stressful.  

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