Will Monkey Pox stop Fashion Week Shows? Visit TheStateofFashion.bulletin.com for all you need to know. The short answer: it’s unlikely.

In this photo illustration, a test sample tubes labeled ‘Monkeypox’ shown on a surface. Few confirmed cases of the Monkeypox virus have been detected in India.

Yesterday, the Biden Administration declared a State of Emergency due to Monkey Pox, as the illness has infected over 6,000 people in the US. This of course isn’t the best news for the country, and it also doesn’t bode well for international Fashion Weeks, which are set to kick off in New York in September.

Photo taken in Moscow, Russia

Here’s the good news: Unlike Covid, Monkey Pox isn’t deadly, and according to Healthline, there are two available vaccines for it.  It’s transmitted via very close skin to skin contact, including hugging, kissing, face to face contact, and sex. Also, according to Rachel Cox, an assistant professor in the School of Nursing at MGH Institute of Health Professions, “Monkeypox generally goes away on its own after two to four weeks,” although children and those with some medical conditions may become more seriously ill. Read what we know so far at TheStateofFashion.Bulletin.com.

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