Happy Friday!
The summer is winding down:(
But hopefully these Mail Bombs will set a cheerful tone.
First Tasia asks, “Can you please tell me where I can find the shirt Lauren London has on?
Elita found that Lauren is wearing this Public Library Obama T
…get it for $25 at www.trendystars.com.
Next Tawanda says, “Three Words: Chanel Iman’s Shoes!

I love the look Chanel has going on in this pic. Any idea who made these fabulous creations or a similar pair?
Chanel has great style, and Elita found she’s wearing these $1,575 Christian Louboutin Forever Tina Platform Suede Boots
…models have all the great accessories!
Right now the closest cheaper alternative available are these $310 Betsey Johnson Tisha Booties
…but wait for the brisk to weather to see whether Steve Madden or Aldo offers other options.
Charmayne from NYC says, “I soooo heart Cassie’s sandals!
“...Am dying to know who the heck they’re designed by?
In my humble opinion, Cassie’s style rivals Rihanna. I’m just sayin’. We found that Cassie is rocking these Yves Saint Laurent Tribal Sandals
…from their fall 2008/09 collection. The site where they’re sold has them for 640 Euros, which translates to roughly $940.
Tamandra was interested in Cassie’s skirt. Homegirl is wearing this $595 Herve Leger Bandage Skirt in Grey
Get the look for a little less with this $265 Mara Hoffman Seamed Double Knit Mini Skirt..
..or try this $49.50 Victoria’s Secret Pencil Skirt in Seasonless Stretch
Lastly, Elisha asks, “I was wondering if you could recommend some stylish fanny packs. I can’t find any online that I like.
Fanny packs are a trend that I’m sure will take a bit of time to catch on; it’s reflected in the paltry online offerings. Try these:
1. Gucci Belt Bag, $455. 2. American Apparel Vinyl Fanny Pack, $17. 3. Spano Fannypack, Price Upon Request.
That does it!
Have great weekends!

9 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Lauren London’s Obama T-Shirt, Chanel Iman’s Christian Louboutin Forever Tina Boots, and Cassie’s YSL Tribal Sandals!”

  1. …. as far as the fanny packs, I REFUSE to take myself back to those “80’s” mm wont do it

  2. Chanel Iman’s outfit is so hot! I’d never think to put it all together that way! Also, I own that Gucci Belt Bag..had to have it after I saw it on Sex and The City. Glad they are making a comeback!!

  3. I’m super late in replying but I also found the American Apparel’s Interlock mini skirt in army to be a pretty afordable sub. Don’t go by the picture on the website, go to the store and try it on, trust, it fits like a glove!!

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