Have the rules changed over the past few decades? Do men have it harder these days when it comes to impressing a lady in terms of appearance? We all remember the nineties when men wore baggy jeans and t-shirts to every occasion. It traversed the young and old generations. Men in corporate settings only adhered to one rule, suits. Ladies take the time to dress impeccably in all facets of life, so what rules apply to men regarding clothes taste?

Specialists from https://www.teendatingsites.com.au/ say that these rules have stood the test of time and, when used in conjunction, act as a failsafe guide on how to dress well today. This website has a few pointers on dressing well for any event, including that first date. 

7 Rules all Men Should Learn

Wear a Suit Well 

Focus on the shoulders and chest primarily. Nothing is more off-putting than a suit that looks like a hand-me-down. The suit should leave very little room for an arm once your coat is buttoned up. If you have a tailor handy, use him to trim arm lengths and shoulder breadths to size. The suit may be off-brand, maybe unknown to several people. It is meant to create individualism, to express who you are. Do not worry about the clothing brand; focus on branding yourself. 

Invest Wisely in a Watch 

A lady once asked why men wear watches if they have a phone. Perhaps she was oblivious to the fact that it is an accessory, or maybe she was teasing. A watch can say a lot about you, so choose wisely. For a gentlemanly look, pick a watch stating where you are in life. A nice time-piece worn with a suit exemplifies maturity and your passage or growth in life. Of more importance is a watch that fits you. Again, it should look like something you picked out, not a hand-me-down. 

Look After Your Appearance

Men have it hardest when it comes to grooming. It may be a problem from childhood, where grooming wasn’t a must in high school. Get rid of old habits and trim your hair, getting rid of unnecessary oils on your face, and trimming nails. It makes no sense to focus on clean shoes, a nice suit, and watch if you cannot smell good. Invest in some affordable body sprays, as well as a mirror. Leave the house, knowing what it is others will see as you walk by them. More often than not,you will not be impressed after you take a look in the mirror. Buy shoe stands and hangers to ensure clothes stay crease-free as long as possible. Shoes in a pile make for harder cleaning and off-putting smells. 

Spend Money on Shoes

Yes, we are referring to men, not women. Though ladies buy truckloads of shoes, they may not need as many to make an impression. Investing in shoes for men implies having a good looking and fitting shoe for more than once occasion. One decent pair of formal shoes can be used on several dates, meetings, and even churches. Sneakers should be used for what they are created for – jogging, gym, or walks around the hood. Loafers are the go-to option that you can wear pretty much anywhere, and comfortably too. Note to self – do not buy pointy or sharp edges shoes… they look pretentious and impractical because no one is comfortable in them. 

Keep Accessorizing to a Minimum 

Simply put, avoid at all costs earrings, heavy necklaces, and unnecessary bracelets. Make use of ties and pocket hankies at a minimum. Using them too much or with loud colors draws the wrong kind of attention. Less is always more. Try to use a pocket square that is of a darker shade than the coat you are wearing. If you can stay away from accessorizing, the better. It will help you be less aware of what you are wearing and pay more attention to what is around you. 

Don’t Skimp on Glasses 

Pick a pair of glasses that match your face almost to perfection. For example, a wide face and chubby cheeks, which you will probably have for a while, should be complemented with wider frames. Using a cheap frame and getting expensive lenses makes them look shabby quickly. Your hairstyle may also come into play when choosing glasses, especially if you wear them constantly. 

Choose Versatile Outwear 

Remember bomber jackets? These were cool in the nineties and were even worn during cool summer nights. They are a no-no for many reasons. They are uncomfortable, meaning being mobile, let alone on a date, will be a problem. Newer designs account for aesthetics and practicality. You could find a lightweight sport coat and can be worn with jeans or formal pants. The coat should be the final piece to an already warm or cool outfit. It should not determine whether you will freeze on your date or sweat profusely and embarrassingly. 

Choosing the right outfits should come AFTER one has taken time to groom themselves. For men, particularly, nails, hair, and skin are almost forgotten as they seek to look cool in clean sneakers and a white t-shirt. Unfortunately, jeans will not create the impression you would like to have on your first date. Take time to peruse, practice the tips listed above, surpriseyour date and yourself next time.