The 6th annual Truth Awards took place Saturday, March 7th at the Taglyan Complex in Los Angles, Ca. The ceremony “was created to recognize and highlight the accomplishments of the Black LGBTQ+ community and its allies. In doing so, they increase the awareness of our contributions to Society, Popular Culture and the Arts, and help refocus the lens through which they are seen.”

Facebook Image: Truth Awards

Among those attending the ceremony, included a host of A List celebrites including Dwyane Wade, his daughter Zaya Wade and wife Gabrielle Union-Wade. The legendary basketball great and part of his beautiful family were there to support Zaya. Born as a male, Zaya made the brave decision and recently decided to announce that she now wanted to be addressed as a female. Zaya’s message to us is one of ultimate courage, strength and amazing self worth.

Instagram reproduction: @dwaynewade

The Truth Awards was another great moment for Zaya and the Wade Family. It was Zaya’s first red carpet appearance after making the announcement, and she attended the ceremony to reiterate her truth. She wore a bold green cropped suit jacket and matching dress shirt, with black slacks and a fuschia type sash, all designed by style great Rich Fresh. Zaya emerged as a dedicated spokesperson & one of the young faces and voices for the LGBTQ+ community at the esteemed event, standing up for other young people to live their truth.

Instagram reproduction: @gabunion

The lovely family wore stylish color corrdinated suits in a beautiful mixture of white, black, green and fuschia colors. Mom and dad suits were a bold black and white pattern by designer Rich Fresh. Mrs. Wade’s suit included a bold green sash like top underneath, to match Zaya’s custom green cropped jacket she wore, along with black slacks, shoes and a fuscia colored sash.

Instagram reproduction: @gabunion

Dwayne Wade’s suit adorned a fuschia colored dress shirt underneath to complement Zaya’s sash. Their outfits were refined, classy and fashion forward. The looks were prefect for the occasion and made a bold, proud and distinguished statement. It was a proud and defining moment for love and fashion, which will always be to always embrace, suppport and celebrate each other, regardless of race, culture, religion, background or gender. Check out more amazing lifestyle, community and fashion moments on Fashion Bomb Daily.

Instagram reproduction: @gabunion