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Karyl L. Truesdale writes, “Claire Siobhan Sulmers. An innovator, Author, Harvard graduate and CEO of the popular fashion blog The Fashion Bomb Daily, Sulmers is a fashion industry force. She’s a Black girl magic success story. Comfort, ease, and privilege did not catapult her into this career. It was quite the opposite, and her determination prevailed. Sulmers is a quintessential wild card, as she did not study fashion at her prestigious Ivy League alma mater. French and African American Studies was in her curriculum, and her astute disposition and sagacious business acumen shaped the trailblazer she has become. Today, she counts over 2 million followers on social media, which is testament to the 15 years she has been building her media empire.   Sulmers is by nature down to earth, and unflinchingly wants to remain inclusive and diverse in an industry that is working towards long overdue change.

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