Happy Saturday! Today I wanted to introduce you to a brand you should know: Glitzz Galore !

Image: Sone Jr

Created by designer Ms Bentleyy , Glitzz Galore is a a unique, custom, hand designed brand that puts a premium on inclusivity.

This line was born of a heartbreak, that turned into a book, then a clothing line. Ms. Bentleyy writes, “I started off writing a book because I was so heartbroken which had led to my 3-month depression.  I didn’t want to keep bothering my friends about the same situation. I’m a thinker so I kept thinking of a perfect scenario for us and what our relationship would be in a perfect yet not so perfect world. I kept going and I self-published my first book five months later. With that, I started selling book Merch, I designed a slogan that said, “I could tell you a great story and surround it with diamonds, money and a broken heart.” For my book launch I wanted to design my own blazer, but I didn’t think I could do it. Once my book launched and went into sales, I started doing my fashion research, and experimenting on a moto jacket I wanted to design. I designed it and this was how I birthed GlitzGalore.”

She says, “ Claire ‘s look is inspired by the tomboy but fashionista in me! I feel that you can wear anything you want, it’s all about perspective. If you feel good and know you are killing it…they will see and feel you.”

She continues, “The motivation behind my brand is the thought of retiring my mom, building generational wealth, and breaking generational curses. That is what motivates me. I watched my mother work hard to make sure I was good and want for nothing, even when we lost it at a point in our life, and I had to sleep on the floor at my cousin’s house for three months. My mom is a brain aneurysm survivor, so her strength alone is inspiring. Everything she does is for me, so this is for her.

Shop these looks at Glitzzzgalore.com.

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