Although students often live on a budget, it doesn’t mean they cannot dress stylishly and interestingly. To make it come together, you need several basic items that will become the foundation of your wardrobe. From there, it will be easy to create outfits, add some accessories, or stick to a capsule.

The secret is not in the number of garments but in the quality. And their style – it is better to stick to classics when it comes to basics. Sure, it might be tempting to buy a trendy piece sometimes. But fashion changes very fast, and if you cannot incorporate it into your life further, it might not be worth the money.

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Students will also get more free time to plan out their wardrobes and hunt for basic pieces that will make them look stylish at any moment.

Classic Jeans

Well-fitting jeans are a must-have garment in almost any wardrobe. They can serve you for a long time and be a part of a huge array of outfits. It is possible you will wear them the most in your daily life.

It is important to choose jeans that are comfortable and fit your body type. It is better if they are on the classic side. If you find a perfect pair, you might stock 2-3 same pieces.

Several Basic Tops

Basic tops will go a long way. They are comfortable and easy to pair with something else, like jeans, a skirt, or professional-looking pants. Even if it is a plain t-shirt with accessories and a jacket, it can be a basis for a cool outfit. And with basic tops, you’ll always have something to wear to class without spending too much time planning.

A good selection might include:

  • Plain white t-shirt;
  • 1-2 crop tops;
  • Long-sleeve top;
  • Printed t-shirt;
  • Oversized shirt.

White Button-Up

Although colleges are liberal when it comes to clothing, it is good to have a good old white button-up with you. It always looks professional and sophisticated. Students might need it for presentations, internship interviews, or formal events. Also, if you are going to look for a job to earn some extra money, it can serve you well.

To create a business casual look, you can pair it with jeans and a blazer. Or you can go full business mode with a structured skirt or tailored pants.

Little Black Dress

It is one of the timeless fashion staples – a little black dress. But you do not actually have to choose a mini or black color. The point is to have one piece that you feel is amazing. And this piece needs to go along for a multitude of events and situations.

Black is a good color for that as it fits almost any situation. But if you are not comfortable with it, you can choose other options. Students can pair a dress with loafers/boots and a leather jacket for a more edgy look. Or you can wear it traditionally with heels, jewelry, and a shoulder bag.

Tailored Blazer

This is another basic item every student needs in their wardrobe. Having a well-fitting blazer means you can turn almost any outfit into a more formal one. Also, it can add a chic spin to your evening garment.

It is better to choose a blazer that goes along with a multitude of items. This means a traditional color palette, no prints, and good fabrics.

A Couple of Sweaters

Unless you are going to a college located in a very warm climate, you’ll need something to keep you warm. So it is necessary to have a couple of options for the cold. These could be:

  • Cashmere knits in beige colors;
  • Colorful sweaters;
  • College sweatshirt;
  • One-color warm sweatshirt;
  • Oversized sweater.

If you love art, you can go for something more avant-garde than traditional colors and patterns. But if you want to have several colorful pieces in your wardrobe, make sure there is a comprehensive palette behind it. This will help to match them with other garments.

Long Coat

A winter coat is one of the pieces you are going to wear every day. So the choice should be well-thought. Having a well-structured and warm coat is a great idea. Try to go for a classic silhouette, as it will serve you for years. Also, it will work great with any other garments you choose to wear.

Timeless Accessories

Accessories can uplift and freshen up any look. Here are some of the most useful items you can choose:

  • A watch in a traditional style that goes with everything;
  • A couple of golden hoops;
  • A matching set of earrings and a ring or a chain;
  • Colorful tights;
  • A statement belt;
  • Shoulder bag;
  • Tote bag;
  • Bracelet.

It is good to have everyday items you can wear seamlessly. But you can also have a couple of bright and interesting pieces.

Tailored Pants

One pair of well-fitting pants can serve students for a multitude of occasions, from formal events to the workplace. With different shoes and tops, they can look fitting in the daytime or for a night out.

It is better to choose the ones that are in a traditional style and suit your overall color palette. They could be beige, black, brown, or dark green.

In Summary

With these items in your wardrobe, students will be ready for any occasion. Make sure you choose pieces that fit your body type well. And look out for natural fabrics as they are more comfortable and long-lasting.