Pearl symbolizes elegance, grace, and opulence in its lustrous beauty. For centuries, this organic gemstone has impressed the royalty and has been favored as a precious jewel. Even in the modern times, pearl jewelry has a distinctive reputation of being beautiful and affordable. With changing preferences of the millennial couples, pearl engagement rings are also gaining momentum in gemstone markets. 


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Unlike the traditional diamonds, this gemstone offers affordable options with breathtaking designs and amazing astrological values. Pearl instigates loyalty, love, serenity, and wisdom in its wearer. If you choose this engagement ring, your relationship will be strengthened by a deep resolve to maintain harmony and peace irrespective of any conflicts. 

If you are still indecisive about choosing pearl rings for your engagement, here are some valid reasons that will dissolve your worries.

Amazing Beauty

The beauty of pearls is defined by its pristine luster and texture. Whether you choose Tahitian black pearls or an oyster pearl, they reflect light beautifully for sheen on their surface. The brilliance of this glow represents the beauty of pearls.

If a stone has brighter and sharper reflections, it commands higher pearl price as well. The luster is added by the thick nacre and it may differ for each pearl variety.

Deep Symbolism

Pearls are not only amazingly beautiful but they carry deep symbolism as well. Right from the creation of this gemstone to its carving into a stunning ring, it undergoes many miraculous stages of evolution. Pearl is created when an organic creature goes deeper into the soft tissues of a mollusk. 

The mollusk layers this intruding creature with its nacre that adds luster and color to the resulting stone. This entire formation makes pearl a unique gemstone that carries rarity and charm. You can integrate its deep symbolism of acceptance, strength, and resilience into your relationship. 

Immense Astrological Values

Every gemstone carries the unique powers and energy vibrations of a ruling planet. It transmutes into astrological benefits and healing abilities in its wearer’s life. If you choose pearl engagement rings, you can harness the cosmic vibration of the planet Moon. 

Wearing pearl jewelry close to your skin can pacify the planetary movement in your birth charts and help you deal with the strong emotions of anger and depression. With this gemstone, you’ll regain your confidence and feel calm even in the most distressing situations. 

The astrological benefits of pearl go beyond the feelings of calmness and tranquility, though. If your partner works in the creative fields of art or literature, pearl can help them in their pursuits. 

Another ability that makes pearl an excellent option for engagement rings is its healing capacity. It provides relief from many water-borne diseases and keeps your circulatory system healthy. Some ancient texts also mention pearl’s ability to heal the skin and benefit the heart. 

Rarity and Uniqueness

Since it’s almost improbable to predict the shape and size of peal produced in a mollusk, this gemstone carries unique rarity. Baroque stones with irregular shapes are easily found while perfectly round natural pearls are an extreme rarity. They undoubtedly fetch higher pearl price, especially if the stone has no dimples or crevices to mar its beauty. An even color and luster distribution makes these stones more valuable and coveted. 

The beauty isn’t the only factor that makes pearls unique. This stone is an unconventional choice that can be avant-garde if you make the right choice. It can sustain regular wearing with proper care and end up as an heirloom for your family. The rare varieties of South Sea or Tahitian pearls fit these criteria. 

If you wear any of these pearl engagement rings, people will appreciate your unique sense of style and complement you. However, you can be a bit experimental with the design and setting of the ring. 

Many leading gemstone brands like GemPundit offer a wide variety of designs using baroque pearls in asymmetrical settings. Instead of choosing the traditional pattern of round pearl amid a band of diamonds, you can go for quirky shapes and designs. It will reflect your modern values and acceptance to new ideas. 

Several Varieties to Choose

When buying your engagement ring, you crave for variety. Pearl offers a lot of it in its various colors and types. You can choose a stone that reflects your emotions and preferences in the most stunning manner. The choices are:

  • Freshwater Pearls

With a satiny luster and pastel natural colors, freshwater pearls are available at affordable prices. Instead of choosing whites, you can buy pearl engagement rings in shades of natural pink or lavender with sparkling luster. 

  • Akoya Pearls

The deep color and shine of akoya pearls make them a unique variety. They are extracted from the Japanese farms and known for their pinkish overtones and immaculate sheen that results from a high refractive index. 

  • South Sea Pearls

The exotic colors and silky luster of South Sea pearls never go unnoticed. This variety is nurtured in tropical lagoons of Australia and Philippine Islands. You can find exquisite South Sea pearls in the shades of gold and white, resplendent with a soft, shiny glow. 

  • Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian variety from French Polynesia is known for their vibrant overtones and beautiful colors. You can buy Tahitian pearls in exquisite shades ranging from peacock blue to steel, aubergine, aquamarine, and silver. If you combine these hues with a unique palette of dove and dark charcoal gray colors, it becomes the most coveted gem variety. 


If you compare pearls with other traditional engagement ring choices like sapphires or diamonds, you will find a huge gap of prices. Pearls are available at a fraction of price you will pay for a diamond ring. 

Even the best varieties of Tahitian or South Sea pearls won’t create a dent in your pocket. When you save more on pearl price, you can invest this money on a heavier band or extra gems surrounding the center stone. 

Hence, pearl is a unique combination of beauty and resilience that makes a perfect foundation for your married life. You can choose this gemstone cautiously after checking all quality factors to make your purchase worthwhile.


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