Traveling is one of the best ways to explore the world and experience cultural trends. Europe is home to some of the biggest fashion icons and fashion shows. World trendsetters look to European countries when deciding what to wear. Although fashion is constantly changing, there are some upcoming trends you need to wear on your next trip to Europe.

1. Eye-Catching Color

The most popular new fashion trend at Paris Fashion Week 2021 was the color orange. This vibrant and charismatic color brings a drastic pop to any outfit. If you plan to go on a Europe cruise, you need to wear orange at some point during your trip. Orange is the perfect color to wear while on a cruise. It is the opposite color to blue, making it stand out against the blue backdrop of the ocean and sky. Orange also stands out among crowds. This means that even in group pictures you will always be noticed. Orange also comes in many tones. For summer opt for a brighter shade. Whereas, if you are traveling to Europe in the winter be sure to pack a darker shade of orange. However, don’t feel stuck in these guidelines. If you want to wear bright orange in the middle of winter, you can.

2. Sharp Sleeves

The next European fashion trend centers around sleeves. Regardless of what your sleeves are doing, they must be doing something. Sleeves should be pointed, big, fluffy, or even padded. All are currently acceptable within the fashion world. Sleeves should make a statement. Unless you have thousands of dollars, it may be difficult to find the current versions of statement sleeves. However, shoulder pads were common in many clothes from the 1980s. If you are having a hard time finding the perfect sleeved shirt for your style try refurbishing some shoulder pads. You don’t have to be adept at a sewing machine to cut out and rework shoulder pads into a new shirt or jacket. You just need to be creative.

3. Lacey Crochet

Crochet is also hitting the runways this year. Everything from crocheted jumpsuits to swimsuits, if it’s crochet it’s in style. Crochet clothing is also great for vacation. Most items are small and holey which allows you to stay cool in the summer heat. You could also opt to layer and wear a crochet sweater or poncho over your stylish shirts. If you are looking for unique crocheted items you can easily make them yourself. There are thousands of crochet patterns online that allow you to customize the clothing to your body type. In this way, you can be fashionable and wear something that flatters your body.

4. Oversized Everything

While oversized clothing has been in style for a while, it’s still dominating the European clothing scene. Wearing large sweatshirts and flared jeans is very trendy. If your next European trip is in the fall or winter, make sure to pack a lot of oversized items. A majority of the items in Vogue this year featured large, draping fabrics. These help to hide figures and create a more boxy silhouette. Flattering to most body types, everyone could use an oversized shirt or two in their closet.

5. Pops of Pattern

Finally, you need to have lots of patterns in your clothing. Putting patterns on top of patterns is the current trend. These patterns should also be loud and vibrant. They should be used as a way to express your individuality. These patterns can be anything from plaid to polka dot, they just need to work together. Commonly, patterns can be mixed with crochet or oversized clothing to make a unique and stylish outfit. However, be careful not to mix patterns and colors too much. Pattern mixing can go dangerously wrong if you aren’t careful with your combinations.

Fashion is all about expressing yourself. The most important thing is to love what you wear and how you feel in it.