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Jeans are a staple wardrobe item that we all need to have. They’re something we can dress up or down as needed and use in multiple seasons. Plus, there are options to suit all ages and body shapes, and they’re comfortable (usually!) to boot. 

However, buying a new pair isn’t typically a quick or easy thing to do. If you need some new jeans for your closet, read on for some factors to consider to help you find the right product for your needs.

Get Clear on the Different Jean Shapes and What Suits Your Body Shape

As with other clothes, when shopping for jeans, you’ll see that there are all sorts of styles to choose from, even though at first glance they may seem reasonably similar. For instance, jeans come in bootleg, straight leg, skinny, boyfriend, relaxed, cropped, and more styles. 

Different creations will give you a different look, so you need to think about the occasions where you want to wear jeans and what vibe you want to give off. Looser boyfriend jeans, for instance, may not be the ideal option for a sexy date night, while cropped jeans may be ideal for a casual barbecue or shopping trip with friends but not so perfect for the office. 

Think about whether you want low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise jeans, too, as different options may or may not suit your body type and the occasions you wish to utilize jeans for. It’s best to try on numerous styles to see how they look on you, specifically. Some products may look gorgeous on the models in advertisements or on the dummies in-store, but this doesn’t mean you’ll like how they feel and fit on you. Determine which jean shapes suit your body shape best and work from there. 

What looks great on one woman may not suit another. However, most ladies generally can pull off straight-leg or skinny jeans of at least some type. Plus, darker washes tend to be more flattering and slimming than white or light blue ones. Just be sure you choose jeans that fit correctly and that you can move in. Get items tailored if you need the hem taken up or other changes made for the optimum fit. 

Consider Washing and Maintenance

Once you get the right style(s) and fit of jeans for you, consider washing and maintenance factors, too, before making a purchase. Check the care instructions on the labels to see if products will be easy and convenient enough for you to take care of over time. 

Most jeans can be popped in the washing machine and even in the clothes dryer, too, which is handy. However, don’t take this as a given. Some products with lots of intricate details on them, such as lace or sequins or other additions, may need more careful maintenance that might annoy you. 

Bring Items to Help You Better Select New Jeans 

To help you get the perfect jeans for your needs, plan ahead. Take some items with you when you try jeans on to help you understand the overall look you’ll achieve. For example, wear suitable underwear (especially if you think you’ll want tight, skinny, or other jeans that could show off bulky underpants) and take some footwear of different styles and heel heights to get an idea of the length of jeans legs you need. 

Also, many people don’t think of this, but it helps to have a few different tops on you when trying jeans on to see how shirts will go with the bottoms. For instance, take along a few of your favorite graphic tees or other casual t-shirts that you’d wear often. This will help you see if you need to tuck the tops in entirely or part-way or if the rise of the jeans allows you to leave them untucked, which may be more comfortable or suitable for your body shape. 

Some tees are designed to sit higher in a crop style, while others have more length that can be versatile, so if you have a few with you when you shop, it’s easier to tell which jeans will and won’t work with what’s already in your closet. It also pays to take along some work shirts, a peplum style top, halter-necks or off-the-shoulder designs if you wear them, turtlenecks and basic sweaters, too, to ensure the jeans on your shortlist will be versatile enough for your needs. A person taking a selfie

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As you browse and buy jeans, some other elements to keep in mind include checking the denim strength and thinking about sustainability and manufacturing ethics. Jeans are a wardrobe staple that we all tend to live in, so the more selective you are about what you buy, the better your investment of funds and the more wear you should get out of the products over the seasons ahead.