Kim Kardashian makes a splash wherever she goes, and the Balenciaga show was no different! She appeared at the brand’s Fall 2022 presentation in Paris wearing an ensemble covered in Balenciaga brand caution tape:

The look appeared on the runway, which was set in an apocalyptic backdrop.

Since her look debuted, she (and brand director Demna Gvasalia) have been accused of ‘knocking off’ smaller designers. The first came from Love and Hip Hop Star, Hazel E, who said that Kim stole the look from designer ODaingerous:

Other accusations have come from Kodak Black, Zayden the Designer, and more.

In fashion, everyone inspires everyone, there is absolutely nothing new under the sun! But what matters is how designer reimagine old ideas. The fact that Balenciaga created their ‘Own’ tape and wrapped it artfully around their signature silhouette like the ‘knife’ boots makes it revolutionary and very hot!

I’m sure absolutely everyone will be wearing the ready to wear version once it becomes available.

What do you think?