We’re closing out this week with Elissa from New Jersey!

She writes, “I would say my style is trendy on a budget.”

” I keep up with all the latest trends and find them for less.”

” I look at a magazine displaying high end fashion and say to myself ‘Oh I can def find that at H&M and Forever 21.'”

“… I have a blog (seventhdayvanity.com) and an instagram account @7thdaybanity where I show outfit ideas and I provide links to where you can get each piece displayed.”

” One piece of advice I give girls is there is no need to have a closet full of clothes if they are not versatile.”

” Every girl needs statements pieces that can be worn over and over again in many different ways.”

” This season I would say invest in a good pair of leather pants, a tweed jacket, a pair of leopard shoes, and a statement necklace. These items can be considered your seasons statements pieces and can be worn time and time again ALL season long :)

Great advice! Your looks are classic without being over the top. I like!
What do you think of Friday’s Bombshell?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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66 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Elissa from New Jersey”

  1. Classic and chic. I love it! Dont have to be over the top to impress me (unlike some commentators that shall follow).

  2. First bobshell I’ve been complelled to click on and see more of in quite some time. Cute looks. I really like the mint tweed.

  3. You what a bomshell doesn’t always have to inspire what clothing..but also should be able to inspire with style and confidence.. she has that.

  4. her advice is to invest in trendy pieces? I would think its best to invest in classic pieces that can be worn for years not a season ….spend as little as possible on trendy pieces

  5. Re: Cute and simple. Not every thing has to be a desperate attempt to be the next “stylist” .

    AGREED!! I love this.

  6. has anyone else ever noticed that the non-black/non-ethnic looking fashion bombs are almost always voted as fashion bombshells? Her looks seem run-of-the-mill…and that’s just not Fashion Bomb material to me. Pretty girl, but for me, her style doesn’t inspire.

  7. @Meme, she buys trendy on a budget. She said to buy statement pieces that can be worn over and over. Basically buy classic clothes along with disposable trends.

  8. @Camilel why does everything always have to come down to race or ethnicity? Does it really matter? I’m sure if she was a mess no one would have voted bomshell. Now on to the BOMBSHELL…..her look is so classic. It’s refreshing to see someone who is just simply stylish and not trying to jump on every trend that comes around.

  9. I agree with Camilel as far as the look is concerned. The looks are nice but average. You can find these looks anywhereUS.com
    Bombshells should be more than picking hot outfits from magazines and recreating them on smaller budgets. They should be inspiring, fearless, hip without being pretentious, fly on a dime or a million bucks, they should create trends not just follow them….idk that’s just my thoughts

  10. Love her style, its easy going and doesn’t look like she’s trying so hard to be stylish. Me like!

  11. Meh…looks like she’s having a Chico’s kind of day. I can’t get behind these looks. Pretty lady though.

  12. Meh…Every so-called fashion blogger just dresses the same way now. “Bombshell” means out of the ordinary as well. And there is nothing memorable nor wow here.

  13. Firstly, I agree with Camilel. These outfits are put together well and are nice everyday looks, but it’s nothing that hasn’t been seen before, nor is it awe inspiring.

  14. Cute, simple and chic. I prefer chic simplicity to this faux-Rihanna edgy neon-bright turban-wearing hot mess the kids are trying to emulate these days. High fashion is not for everyone.

  15. I wish that she could have either switched up the hairstyle, took the sunglasses off (in one or more pics), or both. The clothes are nice, but there is no “POW” or personality.

  16. But I do love her advice, and the fact that she shops on a budget, while maintaining a fashionable look!

  17. @Camilel omg that is sooo true! Makes me wonder what is really going on! It seems like if you are black, you are wack, if you have weave you are wack if you have curves you are wack but if you are the girl next door… oh you are GREAT and everyone is pointing fingers saying YES now this is a bombshell! SMH this society is ALL JACKED up!

  18. I just wish black people would support each other more like they do! If we supported one another instead of hating on one another we would have MORE success not just on FBD but in general!

  19. Ok does she have a lazy eye??? She doesn’t have eyes! But seriously, her style is ok. A nice simple style with no surprises.

  20. camille you are a fool. sit down. most black fashionbombshells featured here are ghetto and dress ghetto, loud colors, crazy hair, spandex , rolls and rolls of fat in ill fitting clothes, with the exceptions of a few. I am black, i do not live in america and most times question the african american taste when it comes to fashion. Dont get me wrong some black fashion bombshells have been sport on beautiful and elegant but for the most part over the top and the comments even confuse me the more when people vote fashion bombshell. So i just dont know if its just the type of bombshell featured here but they certainly look like they should enrol in fashion school. Less is more and thats why i simply love this look, not trying to hard and she gets noticed. Thats the truth, and truth hurts.

  21. It’s hurts me to say this but I do agree with some of you:( If you’re too thick, to black, wear to much weave, not enough makeup, to much make up or to cute u get tore to threads on here! But I guess if u look like her it’s OK! She has extremely normal style, she would not get noticed out of a crowd, if anything she blends in quite well. You guys have ripped to threads girls who openly admit to shopping at H&M and Forever 21, Sh8t if my memory is correct didn’t Claire get backlash from some of you all for wearing a non high end designer? At the end of the day, if you feel like you did that in your outfit, then u did that! right? But bombshell for the day does look nice in her outfits, she executes it well.

  22. Her look is simple and easy to put together. I don’t think she is a bombshell, but she does have style.

  23. She is very Ashleigh esq…Ashleigh of the blog “thedaileigh.” The thing is i loooove Ashleigh’s style and hers is quite similar…but i do admire Elissa. She’s put together well…one of her looks is a spot on replica of Ashleigh….the striped dress…utility jacket and the leopard shoes…its like theeee exact pieces…but hey all style is derived from someone/somewhere else… she looks good though…

  24. I’m curious to see what some of these other commentators consider a bombshell to be..?? i’m guessing you all are the ones that vote bombshell for the loud, over the top, trying to hard submissions. Since when was it bad to be classy, chic, and well put together with clothes that fit and compliment the body?? *shrug* i voted bombshell

  25. Doll I think most fashionista’s own leather pants, tweed jacket, leopard shoe and a statement necklace today that is called staple items. Her style is mediocre. I wonder why everyone’s being so tame. Like there is company in the house.

  26. Shocked to see that so many people like this. Especially when you compare it to the criticism that other fashion bombs get. I’m all for a classic look…actually thats what I prefer, but this is just as boring as it gets. She looks nice, but its nothing special at all.

  27. Simple and clean. Wouldn’t call it “inspiring” but she looks nice. But I prefer too simple to some of the over-the-top tackiness y’all call fierce.

  28. Maybe shades because she doesn’t want her face all over the internet? She submitted for style, not fame or beauty. Anyhoo, I love timeless and classic. For those who say boring, you’re far too trigger happy for blatant inspiration. These looks scream goodies and treats. You have to be willing to pay more attention, take your time and dig into the details. Everyone wants to “stand out” rather than being “sought out”…and most folks just need to sit down. Prefer not to wear your life story across your shirt or with your hair. Stay classy my friends ;-)

  29. I voted bombshell…do bombshells have to be over-the-top or have loud, attention grabbing outfits, everything tight and boobs hanging out? I think not. Also, I’m really tired of people turning everything into a racial/ethnic issue…

    Elissa you have great style, that’s why people are voting for you :)

  30. *yawn* she’s basic, but cute. Quit getting over-excited because the last few sumbmissions have been horrible. This is the first “non-horrible” pick in a few days and everyone is ready to label her “bombshell”. Not even.

  31. Someone called this girl “basic”? Are you serious? Anyway, loved the looks. I agree with most everyone here…very classic and chic.

  32. This girl looks okay, nothing special.
    I may be wrong , but it seems like they tear to treads the darker skin women on here and give the lighter skinned women a pass.
    I agree they get angry at women for shopping at ASOS & H&M for having the audacity to mail in submissions to be fashion bombs.. something is up here and it’s not pretty……..

    just saying……..

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