Jamaican dancehall artist Shenseea and rapstress Megan Thee Stallion collaborated on an explicit song called “Lick,” which had an explicit video to match:

The song opens with an Ice Cream truck song, and the ladies, draped in pieces by Candice Cucuo and X Venus Prototype X proceed to thrust, stick out their tongues, and dry hump each other in what appears to be a candy colored wonderland.

The ‘Titillation’ factor already seemed push to the extreme with WAP aka Wet A$$ Pu$$Y, another Megan song with Cardi B that, in parts, likens female body parts to warm macaroni and cheese. “Lick” seems very much in line with Megan’s overtly sexual image, but this time Shenseea’s vagina is censored by a twirling lollipop with Megan dancing smack in the middle.

The fans have had enough.

@PereChilton wrote, “Why we need to sexualize every song these days? I really like it way more when women sing about something different than vaginas, drugs, and filth. This is just vulgar, nasty, and pure degradation.”

@They_luv._kaliah added, “Girl–is all you do talk about sex?”

@Colleven added, “I love you Meg, but are we ever gonna get to see another side of you other than this WAP aesthetic?”

We have to agree: why must women in our community who have such a big platform continue to degrade themselves with the same mindless topic? Will Megan ever rap about going to school, or encourage any of her 27.4 Million followers to do anything other than s*ck and f*ck?

Over on @FashionBombDaily, reader @ParisChea offered, “It’s time for the new era of Megan thee Stallion similar to when Kim transitioned from hardcore to her notorious KIM era or when foxy went from il na na to Chyna doll. The sound, the artistry, the fashion, the content, i feel she’s extremely talented and extremely lyrical, but needs to be pushed by her label and team more! ❤️”

I think we can all agree that Megan is not the first female rapper to talk about explicit sex: They don’t call Lil Kim the Queen Bee for nothing!

Sex is natural and fun, however the same topic and vulgar images all the time begs for some balance.

Hopefully Megan will take some of the feedback from her fans and offer some elevated content.

Black Women have come so far in terms of our representation in the media, and we now have even more power in controlling our own image. Every single thing we do influences the next generation, so we can only hope women like Megan wield their power responsibly.

What do you think?