Closing out the Winter season and opening up the Spring fashion scene with the dynamic Deyemi…

I met Deyemi Okanlawon a couple years back via my FaceTime call with my god-given brother Jimmy Odukoya. I seen Deyemi in the background, we spoke and were acquainted. I  have thoroughly enjoy watching him and Jimmy joke on each other online and I was always touched by the way that they gave back to so many together as a brotherly unit. Deyemi is not just your average actor, he is in fact Nigeria’s Highest Grossing Actor in 2021! That’s such a worthy accomplishment to have and alongside that this dope soul gives back, he is a community activist, he will tickle you pink with his natural comedic energy, he is highly educated & experienced, he is seen on tv screens from Africa to America and so much more; not to mention he does all this with a cape on and still manages to balance off his love with his beautiful family! It was such an honor to get to style and interview Deyemi… the experience was truly one for the books and one of my favorite sessions! I will not talk too much, check out our interview and editorial. 

How does it feel to be one of Nigeria’s top rated actors?

I feel super grateful that my work is recognized and my craft is appreciated.

What Were you doing before your acting career?

I studied Chemical Engineering, but switched to sales and marketing. In 2013 I resigned from my position as the head of marketing of a tech company, OLX Nigeria, before pivoting into a full-time acting career.

What is your dream role as an actor?

I have no dream role and I am open to whatever roles God’s universe brings my way that unlocks my fullest potential.

What was one of your favourite roles so far in your career and why? 

As with dream roles I have no favourites. Birthing different characters takes a huge amount of physical and mental work and I enjoy the process behind every single role oftentimes even more than the final production.

What advice would you give young Deyemi? 

I would say to him “you’re on the right track, just dream bigger faster, self discipline is crucial, avoid distractions like a plague, but get more sleep and live a little”. 

What advice would you give an upcoming actor? 

Same as I would give young Deyemi. I would also say work on the business of acting (strategy/plan for getting gigs) at least as much as you work on the craft of acting (being a great performer). 

How was your experience working with Designer Tasha, what was your favorite moment? 

Working with Tasha was such a vibe. She’s a bundle of pure positive energy and the amount of preparation she put into the shoot shows her commitment to her work. I had an amazing time and I think among the many memorable moments my favourite was when I was teaching her some Naija dance steps – hilarious!

What’s your favorite food? 

This is hard! My go to favourite meal is amala, gbegiri and ewedu with goat meat, but I can easily swap that with pounded yam and ofe nsala or banga and starch.

What’s your favorite place to travel to? 

My favourite nation to travel to is my imagination! (Lol)

What do you do for fun? 


What’s your ultimate goal in your career? 

The goal is to be excellent at elevating every character I play and my dream is to perform at the highest possible level in the world.

Write a love note to your fans.

Dream big and when afraid dream bigger to conquer fear. Find your purpose, determine your desires, take responsibility for others. Seek wise counsel and have mentors. Expect failure but don’t let it stop you and discouragement but don’t let it hold you down for too long. Your mental and physical health is your greatest asset. Strive for excellence and to be the best in all you do. Let the successes and achievements of others inspire you but never treat them as god or be intimidated – you are your fiercest and only competition.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? 

Most people don’t know that I like it when people don’t know much about me

What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects we need to look out for?

Everyone should look out for 2 Netflix originals I feature in, “The King’s Horseman” and “Blood Sisters”. I am also working, as a producer, on a slate of 4 film projects which are in various levels of development.



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