Every woman dreams of having beautiful hair. We are trying to find something new, looking through the glossy magazines, surfing the Net and so on. We do all of that to look better and stay tuned on the new tendencies. How much do you know of the modern hairstyling trends and ways to do your hair? Is it relevant to use a curling iron or not? Read our article if you got interested!

What’s new about the trends in 2019?

Some of the tendencies we are going to list became extremely popular this year. Get ready to know some new info and get inspired by them.

1. Bunt bobs. Such hairstyle is about to suit every facial type, which is considered as the biggest advantage. If you have any doubts on this kind, you may ask your hairdresser on the details.

Картинки по запросу grey hair color

2. Grey hair as the new popular color. Does it mean being proud of the natural processes going on with your hair? It surely does, but also we are dealing with coloring hair grey when being young. Just look through the pics on the Internet, and you will see how interesting the woman’s appearance can seem.

3. Coloring hair at home. It doesn’t mean that women cease to visit hair salons. It means that it’s okay to retouch your hair roots at home four weeks after it was colored.

Картинки по запросу big hair volume

4. Big volume on your hair. It’s the dream of many women and we are trying to achieve it so much. Have you noticed there are plenty of volumizing shampoos in the stores? The reason is simple: we want to have more and more volume. The curling iron is also a good solution to achieve the volume, but you should also combine it with the hairspray.

5. Lilac color. That’s thought to be a trendy hair color this year. If you are afraid of doing something wrong, just talk to the professional hairdresser and he will help you with your transformations.

6. Super-straight hairstyle. Straightening hair started to be popular quite a few years ago. But this year it’s going to hit all the records, so get your iron ready!

Some advice on styling your hair

You certainly know some ways to do your hair. However, we are ready to offer you some more ways to make your hair look even better.

Картинки по запросу hair straightener

1. Before straightening your hair don’t forget to carefully brush it. It will help you to save the effect. Moreover, the thinner the strands are, the more time the straight hair will last.

2. To add more volume to your hair, use a special shampoo for this. Shaping your hair with your fingers is a normal thing to do. However, don’t forget about the brush! Moreover, always use a hair protectant before applying heated hairstyling stuff.

3. What about the curls? If you want to have long-lasting ones, use a lot of hair mousse and work it throughout all the hair. Random hair rolling onto the curlers will allow creating casually-looking curls.

What else should you know?

There’s one thing you should also be aware of: to create a beautiful hairstyle you should love your appearance, with all of its peculiarities. The understanding of the fact that your looks are the best should come to you as soon as possible. 

To become even more beautiful and pretty, there’s one simple thing to do every day: to smile. It’s very easy, costs nothing, and will make your mood better.

Improving your general health will also affect hair positively. It has been proven by scientists and many people’s experience.

We hope that this article gave you useful advice and you are ready to use it. It will help you change your hairstyle for the better and get inspired by the new image. This, in its turn, will lead to loving yourself and your personality more. To sum up, there are many reasons to start changes!