Pantaboots are the next new Bomb accessory for a night out.

Images: @hera4president

This idea is not new: Balenciaga debuted this look on their runway many seasons ago. But now, new houses like YSL and Gucci are hopping on, offering options via various fabrications and embellishments.

Images: YSL

While the thorny issue of how to coordinate your waist to your pants might make these a manufacturing nightmare, the look is fashion gold. Expect to drop a minimum of $3,000 to achieve this look.

Image credit: @ishateria

Would you wear them? Or could you see Rihanna or Beyoncé grabbing hold of a pair of these?

While you ponder, grab your YSL pair here , a Dolce & Gabbana pair here, and a Balenciaga pair here.

Images: @hera4president/@ishateria