Winning Looks with Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Fine Hair

It is no doubt that pixie cut hairstyles appear stylish and feminine. It is a great hairstyle to choose for ladies with thinning hair. This style adds enough volume on your hair without making the roots, and the ends appear thin. It will be hard for anyone to notice the gray colour since the pixie masks it. 

You can either opt for shorter or longer pixie cut depending on what you prefer. Ladies with fine hair look great on shorter pixie cuts, while those with voluminous hair look beautiful on longer pixie hairstyles. However, you are not constrained into a particular choice; it all depends on your preferences, no hard rules. Just go for what makes you feel good.
  1. Short and Uneven Pixie Cut.

This is an excellent haircut for you if you have thinning hair ends. There are reasons why the ends could be thinning such as heat, colour damage or breakage. So, if you see this menace, chop the ends and style a pixie cut.

Make sure when you comb the hair, you comb it downwards, so your bangs and sideburns remain prominent. The uneven cut adds layers to the entire hair making the style voluminous which is beneficial for thin hair. 

  1. Wavy Pixie Haircut.

This haircut is characterised by a lot of curls and waves that adds a lot of touch to the entire look. This pixie haircut is suitable if you need to emphasize your facial features such as eyes, lips, and eyebrows. It brings them out so boldly and softly. However, you will want to apply hairspray regularly to keep the waves and the curls in shape.

  1. Textured Pixie Haircut.

This look is achieved by use of a curling iron to curl hair. However, you can also use a curling iron. This technique adds more waves and curls to your hair that are great ingredients for voluminous hair.

  1. Silver Fox Pixie Haircut.

If you face the problem of thinning hair due to age or other causes, this is an appropriate pixie cut to choose. If an old age causes the thinning of your hair, this pixie cut gives your hair enough volume and makes you look 10-15 years younger. This is the wish of every aging lady.
  1. Short Spiky Cut.

This is yet another haircut for ladies with thin hair. You will miss most of your manes but chop it with uneven layers. Afterward, add styling gel or mousse and comb the hair upward to get a spiky appeal. With this style, you need regular maintenance as the hair grows out. This is essential to keep the shape and the look.

  1. Blonde Vibes.

If you have ever yearned to rock a pixie cut or silver, or both styles, then this is what you should try to quench your desire. Start by chopping your thin manes into a pixie haircut and include a bang. The bang here adds volume to the entire haircut. You can also decide to give the style some oomph by including a bold middle part, deep side or simply curl your manes.

  1. Low Pixie Accented in Blonde.

This is an ideal pixie for women over 50, though anyone with thinning hair can still rock it. As your age advances, you may need to incorporate highlights to revitalise your youthfulness. Since you have short hair which is also low maintenance, you can include blonde highlights. The highlights give you an illusion of a young lady than you are actually are. You can also opt to trim the uneven layers to maintain the freshness of the entire style.

  1. Highlights of Blonde and Dark Brown Pixie Haircut.

Blonde highlights are great when added on your pixie cut. They add a relaxed and playful look to your haircut. Besides, it is a stunning contrast between your light hair and grey roots. However, if you choose this pixie haircut, be prepared for a lot of maintenance to make sure your hair remains healthy while you have subjected heat on it.