When it comes to choosing the right pair of tights, there are a lot of factors to consider, from the weight, size, and length of your tights to their design, fit, and color. Most of us will only think of these when adding them to our shopping cart—and they are very important—but another factor to remember is the durability of the tights you wear.

You might not think much of having to replace your tights every other month, especially if they’re already worn down, but investing in a good pair that lasts longer and looks and feels good also has its benefits. Here’s why: 

You Avoid Embarrassing Slip-ups

Maybe you’re out on a fancy night out, or maybe you’re on a casual walk on a cold day. Either way, you wouldn’t want your tights to suddenly rip in public because they’re simply not durable enough or are the wrong size. If anything should motivate you to start shopping for more quality tights, it’s that you wouldn’t want an embarrassing fashion faux pas to happen while interacting with other people. 

How to Shop Right

You can start by selecting a thicker denier to make sure that the tights hold well up together, especially if you expect them to get stretched out a lot. Simply put, the denier is the thickness of the material of your tights. It’s important to know the reason you’re wearing your tights, so you know the correct thickness of tights to put on. For example, sheer tights would be best on warmer days, while thicker deniers (30 and higher) would be good for the winter. 

Selecting a more durable denier is particularly helpful for tights you often walk around in. However, we don’t always want to use the same type of tights on all occasions, so another thing you might want to look into when selecting a durable pair of tights is their fit. If the ones you’ve chosen are too tight, they’ll end up ripping somewhere along the way. Consult your standard size chart to make the most out of your experience.

You’ll Feel Comfortable Wearing Them

The perfect pair of tights will provide the best comfort and support on top of making you look good. That said, it’s easier to identify a bad pair of tights than it is to find a good pair. The latter is often observable only after much trial and error of wearing pairs of tights that you don’t like and figuring out what you don’t like about them.

How to Shop Right

So, to avoid getting a pair of tights that aren’t for you, you’ll want to look at how well it fits you. Something that pinches your waist too much, or overstretched fabric, is definitely a size too small. Conversely, if the tights feel loose or baggy around your waist, then they’re clearly too big. A good pair would be somewhere in the middle of hugging your shape while giving you enough room to breathe. 

Another factor to consider when it comes to comfort is how your tights make you feel. Comfort is more than just a physical experience but is also about how good you feel wearing something. Something that makes you feel out of place at a function should also be crossed off the list of tights to wear to that specific event. Using our earlier examples on winter tights, you wouldn’t want to wear tights that are too sheer if you’ll be going somewhere pretty cold.

You’ll Feel Confident

Related to the previous point, the right pair of tights will give you a confidence boost. This naturally follows the comfort you feel wearing your tights. Several things factor into the confidence one feels when wearing a good pair of tights. This could be that the design is your favorite or simply that your tights make your legs look a little more flawless. 

How to Shop Right

How confident you feel in your chosen pair of tights is where the creativity of choosing your perfect pair comes in.

First thing’s first, when choosing tights that will boost your confidence, look for a design that you like. Whether this means looking for a pair with a nice print on them or getting tights with a solid color that’s your favorite, it will really depend on your preference.

Of course, it’s also a matter of choosing a pair of tights that are suitable for the event or occasion you’re wearing them to. For example, flashy and bright tights won’t be appreciated at an event that calls for a more serious tone, like a formal event or business meeting.

Once you’ve settled on a good design, consider the other factors that were earlier discussed. How often will you be using your tights, and, in relation to this, how durable are they? How far can they stretch, and are they a good fit? These are just some foods for thought that you can test out as you select a pair that suits your needs.

Your Tights Will Adjust to You

While your tights should often fit your form perfectly, leaving a little leeway for some weight gain or loss is also important. Often, certain factors like our diet or our health will lead to weight fluctuations. In such instances, we mustn’t need to go on an entire shopping spree again just to find clothes that will fit us when this happens. Not only is this costly, but it’s also emotionally exhausting to select a new set of clothes every time your waist widens or shrinks a little. When it comes to tights, at least, your clothes should adjust to you and not the other way around.

How to Shop Right

The flexibility of the fabric is something you’ll want to look into. While you don’t want to select a size that’s too big or too tight off the bat, you can test how stretchable your tights’ fabric is by placing your hand inside one of the tights’ legs and stretching out your hand. If your leggings are supposed to be thicker, the skin of your hand should barely be visible underneath the fabric. However, if your leggings are supposed to be sheer, make sure that the fabric doesn’t start to rip when you test it. You can use this as a basis when you’re shopping for your next pair online.

If you’re not confident that this test will work out, you can resort to going one size up, or keeping a backup pair just in case your size changes over the course of a year. Just remember to store your leggings correctly so that they don’t deteriorate easily after remaining unused for some time. 

You’ll Save Money

The most important reason to invest in your tights is how it will save you the cost of acquiring a new pair every time. Cost-efficiency, of course, also involves selecting a pair that makes you both feel good and look good at a reasonable price. We don’t want you to feel disappointed because the cute tights you bought only lasted after three to five uses. You can also think of it as prolonging the time you get to use your favorite tights. 

How to Shop Right

In selecting a pair that will give you the best value for your money, you should again think about durability. How often can you use a certain pair of tights before they begin to show signs of wear and tear? How long can you use particular types of tights? These are some questions to keep in mind when selecting your next pair of tights.

The length of time it takes to wear down your tights should at least surpass a few months to a year for tights made of thinner material, while they should at least last you some years for tights made of thicker deniers. This will maximize the money you’re spending on that pair you’ve been eyeing for some time now. At the same time, it’s not just about spending less on one purchase. Make sure you’re buying from brands that have good reviews and are known for their high-quality materials and production. You can’t go wrong with a slightly more expensive buy that would last you longer.

When it comes to shopping for tights, you must take the time to consider the best pair that will serve you best. Investing in your tights will give you plenty of benefits, like making you look and feel good, boosting your confidence, and giving you your money’s worth. Shopping right involves considering the right occasion to wear certain pairs of tights, how long you intend to use them, and whether you’re wearing the right fit. Putting all these into perspective will give you the best experience with a comfortable pair that won’t let you down.