It is now mandated that we must wear face coverings in many cities around the country. The Centers for Disease Control recommend wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission. CDC also advises the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. 

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Since we have to wear masks, why not do so stylishly? Fashion Lovers always love to add a bit of flair, and we’ll need one for every day of the week!

Read on for 35+ Face Mask brands you should know, and check out our Face Mask offerings on

  1. AkeseStyleLines (@akesestylelines)

 In light of the new global pandemic, @akesestylelines has decided to be apart of the change they want to see. From their home studio in Illinois, USA, @akesestylelines has decided to hand make vibrant masks* (and optional matching head wraps and neckpieces) to protect their clients without compromising style. 🤗

AkeseStylines writes, “As a disclaimer, this product is not an approved CDC protection mask against corona virus and has not been verified in any shape or form to guarantee protection from contagions. However tight woven cotton fabrics have been recommended by the CDC to be the best materials for mask making, and that’s what Akes Styles uses for their masks. This doesn’t replace the N95.”

They add, “We believe that some protection is better than no protection, therefore our masks are made of 3 layers of fabrics. 1 interfacing filter and 2 vibrant layers of 100% of authentic African print cotton fabrics which is 100% natural, breathable, washable, reusable and even better Reversible!”

Masks can be purchased separately or together with other pieces as a look.
Masks generally ship 5 business days after date of purchase. Design and styled by @akesestylelines and @dukuakese. Purchase at

2. Over and Beyond Apparel (@overandbeyondapparel )

Oonarissa Bernard, fashion designer of OonaNicole/DoubleOSeven and creative director of Over and Beyond Apparel Manufacturing, created fun, fashionable masks decorated with high heels and cosmopolitan cities.  Love it? Purchase at and follow them on Instagram @overandbeyondapparel and @oonanicole007

3. Erica Moore Brand ( @ EricaMooreBrand )

Nigerian based brand Erica Moore offers black patent or leopard masks for a chic touch. Find more info @ EricaMooreBrand on Instagram.

4. Pink Lucy

@ icedupphotography 

Pink Lucy brand is the brainchild of Tiffany S. Walker, a designer who is using her passion for fashion, into a helpful, giving hand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For every one facemask purchased Pink Lucy will DONATE 28 face masks to Dallas Metro Area healthcare professionals, frontline workers and the elderly. Though they are not N95 masks, but they do contain a filter that provides a great amount of protection from harmful bacteria.

@ icedupphotography 

Tiffany writes, “To whom much is given much is required. I couldn’t stand by and do nothing with my gifts and talents. My late mother had Lupus and I can’t stop thinking about how contracting this virus would have been devastating for her. We must support our people providing direct care to slow this down and protect the most vulnerable to the best of our ability. I hope other designers join me. We need all hands on deck.

Purchase at If you are a Dallas Metro Area healthcare professional, frontline worker, or elderly and based in Dallas, email  in**@my********.com for details on how to receive your complimentary mask.

5. La’Antonius Couture ( @laantonius_couture )

33-year-old, Chicago Based Fashion Designer La’Antonius has sewing for 13 years, and has taken his talents to create masks. He says, “My brand shows confidence, love, and passion.” 

Purchase here.

6. Mels Holiday and Supplies Plus

Mel’s Holiday and Supplies Plus stocks fun, boldly hued face masks, decorated with fruits, palm leaves, and other abstract prints.

Both men and women can find something to love.

Purchase at

7. Kimia Arya ( @ kimiaaryasilk)

Kimia Arya brand is an ethical couture brand. All of their materials are ethically sourced, including their silks, and all of their garments are hand prepared in their Los Angeles Atelier known as Maison Kimia.

They are known for their painted silk textiles which are designed and created by Kimia Arya, and their Maison motto is “Creating New Life Through New Design”.

The mission of Kimia Arya is to “Create High Fashion at Zero Cost to OUR Planet” and the goal is to minimize their carbon footprint as much as possible.

Bonus: They are donating 20% of proceeds between @NoKidHungry and @OpportunityFund. Be Safe, but Make it Fashion, and Give Back at the Same Time!

Purchase at and follow them on Instagram @kimiaaryasilk.

8. S Denton Collection ( @ s.dentoncollection)

Sequin Queen S Denton Collection has joined the Face Mask movement! Get a dazzling sequin mask and matching turban for a steal here.

9. Real Style Mask ( @realstylemasks )

Real Style Mask Designer @ fashionmeali writes, “I started making masks basically on accident. It was early March before the pandemic really started to hit the us and  my daughter (who is 3 years old)  didn’t want to wear the typical medical masks and would take them off and throw them away.”

” Since I am a fashion designer I had some sequins fabric laying around and decided to make us a couple of masks just for fun and posted on social media. The next morning I woke up to 20 orders for something I didn’t even know was a problem at the time. Fast forward I have been creating masks since March 20th and have sold over 300 units and have donated about 150 masks to essential workers, nurses and nursing homes. “

Currently they offer fun styles in Adult and child sizing! To order visit

10. Cooling with Connor (@CoolingWithConnor)

Parents, be confident your kid has a comfortable barrier protecting them from germs while you’re out in public with masks by @CoolingWithConnor. With excellent breathability and extra comfort, your little ones will look adorable in their #ConnorMasks.

These masks are the only masks on the list made with adjustable straps specifically designed with your kid’s safety and comfort in mind!

Made in the USA🇺🇸 , washable and reusable + they come with a replaceable filter and valve. Choices are: White, Blue and Pink. Purchase one or all three masks color options here! For every mask purchased, a mask is donated to a child in need. Buy your masks today! ($19.99 with free shipping)

11. All Things Ankara (@ AllThingsAnkara)

All Things Ankara face masks are $17.99 and available in 18 prints. Each mask has a filter pocket and comes with two complimentary PM2.5 activated carbon filters.

All face masks are breathable, washable and reusable. The have adult and child size masks and filters! For every mask purchased, they will donate a mask to a local hospital. Purchase yours here!

12. Kuteka Printell ( @ kutekaprintell )

Kuteka Printell is a Fashion Designer that has created masks with a mix of Fashion and Art.

Her mask inventory is updated weekly and they are available on

Be sure to follow as well on Instagram @kutekaprintell.

13. Studio Green ( @ studiogrn)

With handmade pieces and one-of-a-kind  designs, Studio Green — a Black owned sustainable fashion brand out of Atlanta — is simultaneously setting the fashion world ablaze and saving the environment. From reworked vintage clothing to unique home decor, STUDIO GREEN fulfills a fashionista’s wide range of needs.

As a result of COVID-19, the female-run brand is now creating face masks made from repurposed denim. While protection is its ultimate goal, the masks are also designed with a flair for fashion. Who says you can’t be safe and stylish at the same time?

Visit their website,, for a peek into this sustainable fashion house. With customizable options like distressing and patchwork, Studio Green is raising the bar for ethical fashion!

14. Jen Hodo ( @ Photo_Hodo )

Jen Hodo is a fashion artisan, illustrator, style curator, and photographer currently based in Brooklyn, NY. A native of the southside of Chicago, her passion for style, art and photography as a means of expression and escapism started at an early age. 

Heavily influenced by the strong female role models that raised and empowered her, Jen’s work is bold, vibrant, colorful, sexy, and meant to celebrate the style, strength, beauty, and diversity of women.  Jen produces sustainable designs using upcycled and repurposed materials, striving for zero waste–every salvageable scrap is used in production. Every piece is unique, handcrafted and made-to-order in the USA. 

After receiving her BA in Fashion Business from Howard University, Jen escalated the corporate ladder holding numerous sales, marketing, and management roles for several global brands. This career has provided her opportunities to travel the world,  immerse herself in global cultures and engage with diverse audiences, all of which serve as inspiration (or Jenspiration, a term she’s coined) for her work.

You can follow her latest developments on her IG page @photo_hodo  and on her Etsy shop:

15. Gorjeti ( @gorjeti)

Gorjeti means to be lighted, to flame, to glow.  Our custom clothing is for those who not only light up a room, but set it on fire!  Isolate in style with custom designer face masks and matching tops by Gorjeti.

 Masks are available in white, black, and blinged out. You can also grab a matching mask and harness for your pet! Purchase now at

16. Charanor ( @charanor )

Stay safe and swaggy in this Leather Mask made by Brooklyn Leather Designer, Charanor: The holes in the leather allow you to pull in air while the cotton lining filters particles and droplets from the air. The top, bottom and sides are sealed to the skin for protection. 

Purchase here.

17. Glitz and Glam by Johnakeisha

Get glitz and glam with face masks by Johnakeshia!

These couture level masks come encrusted with pearls and sequins for a fabulous look.

Love it? Get yours here.

18. You Go Natural ( @ YougoNatural)

You Go Natural is a premium Pre-tied Head wrap Company. Their collection of satin lined head coverings range from bow styles to bun styles and headbands, and are great for protecting your hair in style.

The write, “When the virus hit, and masks became a necessity, we wanted to do anything we could to help. We began using our remnant fabric to make masks, and the African Prints really made them pop. We’ve got many prints still waiting to be released.”

For every purchase made, they are also donating one mask to a front line worker in need. Masks start at $15. Purchase at

19. Aennika Black ( @ aennikablack)

Want black patent leather, prints, and buttons: Call Aennika Black!

See more @ AennikaBlack. Send a DM to purchase!

20. Zoba Martin (@ ZobaMartin )

Going somewhere glitzy and glamorous? Zoba Martin Face Masks are a great pick!

They write, “Protect yourself in style with this Zoba Martin luxury face masks made from double layer cotton fabric topped with sheer sequins, easy to wear and take off with elastic on both ends.”

Materials: Double layer cotton fabric, Stretch Tulle Sequined Masks. Made in Toronto, Canada.

Purchase here and see more on Instagram @ ZobaMartin .

21. The Beauty Boutique x Jeph ( @ thebeautyboutique_xjeph)

Are you a Quarantine Cutie? Say it on your mask with products by The Beauty Boutique x Jeph.

In addition to masks, they also stock cute swag like makeup bags and pouches with phrases like Germs+ Blocked.

Purchase here.

22. Beauty X Nihilo LLC ( @ bxni_by_jsw)

Send a message to Beauty X Nihilo LLC on any of their platforms for fabric and color availability and to be added on the order list!

Website: BeautyXNihilo

Facebook: BeautyxNihilo

Follow them on Instagram @ bxni_by_jsw.

23.Baker By Shawn

DC diva has debuted her Baker Brand Style fiercely fashionable face masks!

Her brand Baker By Shawn is a Bold, Beautiful, Sassy homage to the icon Josephine Baker.  The BBS wearer is a Modern Day Jo who is not afraid to stand out in a crowd. 

BBS Masks can minimize the risk of Covid-19 and can also
be worn over regulation style masks or with your own filter for added protection. 

Visit to purchase your fiercely fashionable face mask today!  $15 each or 2 for $25.

24. Michael Costello (@ MichaelCostello)

Costello writes, “I’m so excited to share that this cheetah print, double fabric fully reversible to black stylish non-surgical mask is now available for sale! Throughout the past month of my company transitioning from designing gowns to face masks, my team has really missed creating fun, stylish pieces. Our background is in fashion and we believe that no matter what you wear, you should never have to compromise fit, function and style. I hope these… masks can remind all of us that even when we’re going through a pandemic, we can still remain light-hearted and not forget who we are. For every one of these cheetah non-surgical masks sold, we will be donating a few masks to hospital workers, healthcare staffers, police officers, first responders and front liners all over the world. Let’s fight this together. “

Purchase Costello gowns and masks at

25. Duckie Confetti (@ Duckie_Confetti)

Black and gold, black sparkle, cheetah, or houndstooth…Duckie Confetti has options! All masks stay on with clear straps.

Get these options and more for $40 at

26. Christian Siriano (@Csiriano)

Christian Siriano was one of the first designer to start creating masks for donation for healthcare workers, the elderly, and first responders.

Aside from donating to those in need, of course Siriano has crafted a few couture options, including one festooned with pearls!

Purchase here.

27. SYDNEY | MICHELLE™️ ( @sydney_michelle_._ )

New York based designer Sydney Michelle has created a slew of canvas face masks with prints like floral, snake, gingham, and more.

Purchase at and follow at @sydney_michelle_._

28. Jilly Rocks ( @ Jillyrocks.swim)

Match your mask to your swimsuit with pieces from Jilly Rocks! Each mask is fashioned out of nylon spandex swimwear fashion fabric with an interior of stretch cotton.

Machine washable, Jilly Rocks sells masks alone or with a matching bikini!

Every week, they introduce a new fabric until sold out. Purchase at

29. Crown Inspired ( @ CrownInspired)

From the 2019 Crown Inspired Parasol Flow Collection, comes a plethora of tightly woven international cotton prints, made into washable masks. In using the remaining pieces of fabric, each mask print is created with a slightly different part of the print making each mask unique.

Crown Inspired masks are designed to cover your face from the bridge of your nose to slightly under your chin and lay flat on your face at the cheek utilizing a unique over the ear, adjustable tie that doesn’t put pressure on the back of the ear and allows you to tighten with just two strings instead of four. The masks are also dual layered, creating a pocket for an additional filter.

While all of us are doing our best to remain healthy and safe during this time, the restraint on interaction has limited the regular flux of income for many. Feeding ourselves and our families is the biggest daily concern. Food banks have become the primary source for food for many who are struggling or have lost their jobs. This is why 25% of your purchase is being donated to Feeding America Foundation.

@ FeedingAmerica provides surplus food and produce to local food banks, and over 60,000 food pantries and meal programs around the country.  

Purchase these masks at

30. Melissa Mercedes ( @ MelissaMercedesOfficial)

Plus sized designer Melissa Mercedes has launched face masks, made in the USA of Eco Friendly Cotton Fabric.

The Double- layer design consists of a high-quality polyester-cotton blend that is breathable and gentle on the skin.

The reusable, machine washable masks provide barrier protection from dust, small particles, pollen, etc. One size fits most.

* Disclaimer: While these masks can serve as a reminder to avoid touching your mouth and nose in public, they are NOT ANTI-VIRAL or designed to prevent disease. Please abide by the recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding how to protect yourself during the current COVID-19 crisis. Information can be found at . Purchase your mask at

31. Exclusive Game

Exclusive Game is known for their designer remakes, using genuine fabric, refashioned into new silhouettes! Thus, it comes as no surprise that Exclusive Game has that luxury look we all love. Get the options above and below at and follow @ ExclusiveGame for new styles.

32. GIVE FACE | masks by Syreeta C ( @ SyreetaCFashion)

Syreeta C Fashion specializes in custom garment design, and is now offering her designs on face masks.

There’s no need to choose between fashion and function! Each mask is made with a 100% unbleached cotton midlayer sewn inside + select styles are available w/ an additional filter pocket. All fabrics are prewashed in hot water.

Visit @SyreetaCFashion on Instagram and Etsy for more information & purchase!

33. Solomon Lawrence ( @solomonlawrence)

 How cool are these face masks?! Los Angeles fashion designer @solomonlawrence creates reversible face masks and sells out within hours!

With Mortal Kombat inspired designs, Solomon says, “If I have to wear something on [my] face it might as well be fashionable and look intentional. What a way to spin the narrative.”

Some of his other mask include inspiration from Daredevil, Subzero, and Deadpool. For more info check out

34. Distinctly Beautiful ( @ Distinctly_Beautiful)

Distinctly Beautiful filtered face masks were designed and created to allow you to move through these challenging times with grace, style and comfort.

Distinctly Beautiful filtered face masks come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs for men, women, children, and toddlers.

Hold your head high as you meet today’s challenges.  Bring a smile to the world with their elegantly designed filtered face masks. 

 Visit them at

35.Draped (@shopdraped) Website:

Draped specializes in bold and beautiful headwraps and statement pieces.

When the pandemic hit the US in full force around March, Holly Draper, founder of Draped, said to herself, “If wearing masks are going to be the new norm, I’m going to make it fun.

Draped masks currently come in 10 different prints and inventory is restocked every Friday. Draped also offers mask bundles which include a mask and matching headwrap.

You can grab your mask here.

36. Ngozika Okeke Clothing

In late March, Ngozika Okeke Clothing transitioned from creating cocktail dresses to designing filtered face masks and donating them to medical facilities and healthcare personnel. Due to the demand, the masks were eventually offered to the public for sale. Using the model that allows for one mask to be donated for each mask sold, there has been an outpour of support for this new initiative. With nearly 1,000 masks donated to date, you can catch weekly updates on Instagram (@ FashionDivaNgo) to see where donation masks are being sent to aid our healthcare heroes on the frontline of this pandemic.

Infusing her Nigerian heritage, it only seemed right to create Ankara print masks. With over 40 prints available, there are plenty to choose from on the site. These masks are washable, vibrant, and stylish.

Check out the selection at and use code ‘FBD’ at checkout for $6 OFF your purchase of two or more masks. Together, we can all make a difference.

37. Mo McKenzie

Mckenzie writes, “I am a frontline worker that took a leave of absence amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. I’m from Trenton, New Jersey and relocated to Atlanta, GA. “

“I’ve done wardrobe styling for Sommore, Lil Mo, Dondria Nicole, Love & Hip Hop ATL’s reunion special, Sommore’s stand up comedy special “A Queen with no spades” & “The Queen Stands Alone” both aired on TV One and Showtime. ” Fly!

Shop these masks at

38. Best Face Forward Makeup Studio

On demand beauty service, Best Face Forward Makeup Studio is switching gears to offer high quality “kiss covers.”

The covers feature a filter pocket and a skin-friendly lining that is soft to the touch.

Check out their instagram at @bffmakeupstudio for their live skin and beauty workshops to learn how  to care for your skin while wearing masks and how to slay your next video conference. 

You can order face covers by visiting their website

That does it!

*The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators.  Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders, as recommended by current CDC guidance.

**Interested in donating to Covid19 charities? This article is a great resource.

***If you would like you brand added to our listing or promoted on @FashionBombDaily, or to have Claire Sulmers photograph your face mask, email [email protected] for details.