Having worked from home for more than a year, we have been accustomed to the pros and cons of it. Working from home comes with its own set of challenges including the unexpected visitors, loud noises in the background, and being stuck in pajamas all day long. There are some things you cannot change like the doorbell ringing or the dog barking but you can at least set yourself up for success and style. 

Work from home is all about comfort but you must look professional in case of meetings and webinars. From the soft pajamas to the slip-on shoes, here are a few things you must have in your wardrobe to successfully work from home. These work-from-home essentials are much more reliable than your spotty WiFi. 

  1. A wireless bra

We will begin with the basics first. You may not feel like putting on a bra while you are working comfortably at home but you should never give in to this temptation. Pick a wireless unlined bra that is perfect for your size. When you set a good foundation, you can build a great wardrobe. There are light and most supportive bras available in the market. You need to pick one that has sturdy, thin straps and molded fabric that gives the necessary stability and shape for the neck and your shoulder lines. 

2. Comfortable tops

You will need more than one top, maybe a few. There are a lot of styles and designs that have picked up last year and are nowhere close to slowing down. You have a lot to juggle at home. Right from the kids’ learning to preparing the lunch and attending a meeting. But your dressing should not reflect how tired you are. The best way to elevate the look is to invest in a few pop-colored tops. You can get the right look with a sustainable and stretchy pick from a good brand. Choose fabrics that are light in weight and breathable. It should feel like a second skin and should fit you well. If you like loose-fitting tops, avoid wearing them for online meetings or conferences. A bright-colored top will give you a strong presence on Zoom and will also flatter your face. If it is one of those days when you are really tired, your bright top will become the focal point of the outfit and make you feel great. 

3. Jeans and joggers

Your wardrobe remains incomplete without well-fitted jeans and joggers. You can find a number of colors and styles in womens jeans. You need to invest in one that is comfortable to wear all day. Pick a dark blue shade that can be paired with any kind of top or shirt. When it comes to working from home, joggers have become the new trousers. Light-colored, tapered fit joggers are an ideal addition. You can also consider joggers with a textured finish. They are ideal for all the tops you have in the wardrobe. If you have to run errands or head out for a quick coffee, you can confidently step out in the right pair of jeans or joggers. 

4. Cozy sweater

You will need a cozy knit when you are working from home in the chilly winters. Buy an eco-minded, quality sweater that gets you cozy and warm. You can pick from V-neck, cardigan, or mock-necks. If you haven’t heard the term before, it is known as a third piece. It could be a jacket, a blazer, or even a cardigan that completes the outfit and adds style to it. When you are at home, you might not think of pairing a jacket or wearing a blazer for a Zoom meeting but this is wrong. Your third piece can make you look well put together and it is a key layer when the weather is changing. You might not need a suit blazer when working from home but one piece that goes for all outfits is a must. Grab a cardigan over jeans and a sleeveless top or put a jacket on over a dress. 

5. Button-down shirt

Your work-from-home wardrobe will remain incomplete without a button-down shirt. An ideal formal wear outfit, the shirt should make you look smart and professional. It will give an edge to the overall look. It works for those who have more traditional dress codes and it comes with a relaxed fit. Hence, you can also wear it when working from home. Pick a couple of classic shades and pair them with your favorite pants. 

6. Stretchy leggings

If you are used to wearing fitted pants, you will love transitioning to stretchy leggings. The pants can start feeling uncomfortable after a while when you remain seated in the same place for hours. It is best to buy black or blue legging to go with your tops. It is a slim pant that stretches for a flexible, flattering fit and looks professional in all cases. 

7. Blazer

Even if you have a casual blazer, you will need one super professional blazer for the meetings. There is nothing as good as a blazer to polish up an outfit in no time. You must wear it for the days when you have a lot of meetings planned. There should not be any difference in the way you dress up when working from home or attending the meeting in person. Pick one in navy blue to get a refined yet relaxed feel. It has ideal aesthetics and should be comfortable. You can experiment with different cuts and palettes for the right look. 

8. An easy dress

A lot of people think a dress is a one-and-done outfit while there are many who think it is a lot of fuss to wear when working from home. However, it is best to give it a try before making a decision. A dress can be a complete outfit in itself and you can style it in different ways. You can simply add a cardigan or a jacket to make it look warm and classy. 

9. Slip-ons

There is no joy like walking around in slip-ons at home. Invest in comfortable slip-ons that can be worn throughout the day and for a quick trip to the nearby grocery store. When you are working from home, you want shoes that can be easily taken off and put on. This is why you must have a quality pair of slip-ons. There are ample choices here, right from the sneakers to the slides and loafers, there is something you will always find for yourself. If you are comfortable working from home in slippers, you must go for it. 

10. Pajamas

You must not wear pajamas when working or for the Zoom meetings but you can unwind in them after a long day at work. Pajamas have become a favorite clothing item over the past year. There are hundreds of styles and designs available in the market but you need to ensure that the fabric is right. Choose a luxurious stretch fabric to enjoy comfort and mobility. Well, if you are working on your day off or over the weekend, there is no harm in wearing the comfiest pajamas.  

A lot of us have forgotten about jewelry while staying at home. None of us are making the effort to put on stylish earrings or wear the bracelet when attending a Zoom meeting. But the best way to stand out in the next meeting is with statement jewelry. You can consider wearing earnings for video meetings and if the event is larger than that, consider gold plated hoop earrings to get the right balance between stylish and sassy. Any piece of jewelry, if paired in the right manner can make you feel finished when getting dressed. It will not only complete the look but will also add an element of interest to the outfit. 

Stock your wardrobe with the 10 must-haves and elevate your style when you work from home. It helps to put in a little effort when dressing up and it will also make you feel normal. In addition to the right wardrobe, you must also have a professional work set up to ensure high productivity and look professional in the meetings. We never know how long you may have to work from home and if you want to feel normal and look elegant, pair your favorite outfits in style and put on a little jewelry. Presenting yourself well in a Zoom meeting will go a long way and will leave a strong impression on the teammates. If you have recently started working, you need to start investing in classic, basic pieces that will go a long way even after the offices reopen. There is no need to put all your money into the pieces, budget well, and decide how you want to create your statement look.