July 13th, 2011
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Style Diary: Glamour and Glitter
By Claire

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday night I had dinner plans down by Washington Square Park. It was hot as Hades (NYC temps reportedly reached a high of 93 degrees!) so I slipped on a flirty little blue halter dress by Lu Pone & Vanderbilt from a store called Yamak down on Bleecker.

As far as accessories, I kept it relatively simple: a belt from Topshop, a black crystal silver mesh bracelet by Jenny Dayco, a Betsey Johnson clutch, and a Steven Shein Faux Real necklace I purchased at Patricia Field.

Not to be overlooked: my Miu Miu Glitter sandals.

I love them!

I had a little time to kill before dinner, so I caught some Real Style (coming soon), then sat in the shade and rocked out with another fave summer accessory: a hand fan.

If you live somewhere sweltering, I’d highly recommend this low cost accent. It keeps you cool and can look super cute. I purchased mine down by Canal street for $4.

What do you think of this week’s Style Diary?
Photos by Marta McAdams.
*Makeup notes: Mac Ruby Woo lipstick. American Apparel Limited Edition Neon Nail Polish (we blogged about it here).

**The title of this post was definitely inspired by Jem. My fellow 80′s babies, reminisce here:


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68 Responses to “Style Diary: Glamour and Glitter”

  1. SheMadeUlook says:

    Cute love the fan idea , just talked about it with a friend.

  2. Ashley says:

    Claire no homo but your body is rocking girl!!! you betta get em!!!

  3. love the shade of blue

  4. damn claire! you have legs for days, love the dress too

  5. Franny says:

    ok… seriously you NEED to give me those sandals… ***crosses fingers hoping they’re a size 9***

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  7. Mariana says:

    I love the color of you dress girl….you’re looking hot #nohomo

  8. cca. says:

    You look fab! love the entire look. And I so adore Jem! Thanks for taking me back to 1986

  9. Mariana says:

    “Claire is my name
    No one else is the same
    Claire is my name” :)

  10. KlosetLover says:

    Claire you short wear above the knee dresses all the time. You have great legs and should show them! No homo lol

  11. Erika says:

    yeah, agree, body is looking good! i have no definition in my arms/ shoulders so i envy anyone who does :-)

  12. Erica B. says:

    These are my FAVORITE posts here — YOUR personal style! Love the look and your body is ridiculous these days!

  13. TiP says:

    I loved Jem and the Holograms! Loved the whole outfit, and somebody’s commitment to working out is showing, I see u! #salute

  14. For a dress like this, what type of bra do you wear? I’m sure strapless, but what brand? I always have trouble finding shapewear that flatters and works well for a larger bust.

  15. Claire says:

    Heyyy y’all. Thanks for the love. All that work on the stairmaster is paying off:)
    @South Loop Social LIght, I wore a strapless with this dress by Fantasie. Without divulging my size (ahem), they go up to a Z cup! LOL. They actually hold the girls up really well. They’re about $69 from Bergdorf, but I’ve had mine for years. It’s worth the investment. Get it here:

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  17. Brittany says:

    Looks amazing! And I love the Ruby Woo lipstick! Also, your legs are amazinggg!

  18. You look fab! It looks like you had lots of fun doing this shoot.

  19. Starla says:

    I love the sandals and bracelet.

  20. yusufswifee says:

    okay so claire you look fab…as usual…I remember you saying that you are heavier up top, but you always look great in your sleeveless tops and things…please give a recommendation for a good strapless bra for larger cups….

    Love the shoes also.

  21. Salma says:

    Wow Claire, what a fun, flirty look, you look fab! PS, the stairmaster is doing you good girl, lean legs for days!

  22. N.Nicole says:

    the color looks great on you! and those legs! You betta werkk!

  23. Myssdee says:

    Claire you are so amazing

  24. Nakira says:

    Wow Claire you look AMAZING!!! Love the colors!!!

  25. sun.kissed says:

    That color looks great on you! They ripped you off with the fan though, they’re $1 here at the beauty supply stores!

  26. Claire says:

    @Sun.Kissed Thanks! I kinda knew I was getting ripped off. I offered the guy $4 and he was almost too quick to accept. Haha. I’ll know better for next time. xoxo

  27. ladyluo says:

    Great look. I MUST have those sandals!

  28. AD says:

    This DRESS is fire!

  29. Dobe says:

    Nice! Great skin!

  30. mtlveevee says:

    LOVE this…the necklace, all of the vibrant colours…a perfect summer look!

  31. dyshaun says:

    Skin is popping!!!! Girl you making ‘em melt!

  32. ...A.k.A Melrose Parker says:

    Yesss Ur body is rockin!!! (no homo as well)

  33. WinnieMae says:

    Awww! Unfortunately Bergdorf doesn’t go up to a “Z” cup. I just missed the cut off. They only go up to a G cup. I’m a 34 around the waist and +G cup naturally. Yeah, I know. So I didn’t put myself in this sucky situation. Blame it on genetics I guess. Lol It’s really hard finding strapless bras for top heavy gals. I guess it’s impossible to keep my buddies up without the proper support. :P Thanks for the link though Claire!! I had my fingers crossed while clicking the link. Haha Anywho, you look amazing as always!! I always love your style! :)

  34. Claire says:

    @WinnieMae I exaggerated just a bit. The strapless actually goes up to a G. Check ‘em out here:
    Also, check out Figleaves.com and search for Fantasie/Freya. They carry a large range of sizes and come in pretty colors to boot. Good luck and thanks!

  35. Grace says:

    Lovin’ the look, you look great?!

    PS Are people still saying “no homo”?! Seriously?!

  36. GlammourGirl says:

    @WinneMae…I’m not sure where you live, but Intimacy goes up to at least an H…I know from personal experience. Nordstrom does as well in certain stores.

  37. drgoddess says:

    You are looking gorgeous as usual claire! :)

  38. sunshine says:

    Claire your body is the business! You make sexy look effortless…keep it up. <3 Fashion Bomb <3

  39. Alyssa says:

    Claire, you are absolutely gorgeous. Great skin, body (legs for days) and great style. Jealous!

  40. Pattie says:

    The outfit is super cute. The Ruby Woo lipstick is very pretty. I am gonna have to try that one. Love the fan idea.

  41. Jihan says:

    yeah gurl! bod looks great and the arms are looking real toned! Damn I need to start working out! *opens bar of chocolate*

  42. Lucija says:

    You look amazing and those shoes, perfect!
    Follow each other? :)



  43. Michele says:

    ummm but what nail polish is that? pls don’t tell me it’s Essie because I can not find their neon yellow anywhere.

  44. whatevs says:

    you look great…

  45. Empress says:

    Looking Fab Claire..Your body is amazing…Who were you laughing with..Hmm..was it that cute white guy passing by?..LOL..

    @WinnieMae..G?…More power to you..I have a problem keeping these DDs up…Urgh…Hope you find a good strapless!

  46. Allie says:

    Claire, you look absolutely amazing. I love the way you put the whole look together. Thanks for adding more Style Diary additions to your blog!

  47. star says:

    wow, are you losing weight. your legs look super toned. i thought it was only possible on those super skinny models.time for me to head back to the gym.

  48. Jamie says:

    Cute Claire! I had to go back and read where you were going with those heels on..but its NY, you couldve been going to the bodega or something. lol! Your arms are super ripped….we need a workout/nutrition plan post from you!

  49. Miss Moon says:

    Love Love LOVE the fan and the Faux/Real necklace!! It’s so funny you shouted out Jem in this post, The Bell House had a Jem party this week here in NYC!!!!

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