Hey guys,
So this trend of high waisted jeans has been around for a minute now…and though it initially seemed atrocious beyond words, it doesn’t seem to be going away. Perhaps I’ve been brainwashed, but a few celebs lately have been able to pull the look off…or do they? Let’s take a look:

Beyonce is gorgeous, yes, but are her jeans? She rocks a high waist with what looks like a House of D t and suspenders…

Ciara also favors suspenders, and balances the high waist with a short shirt…

Ships ahoy! Genevieve Jones prefers the sailor look…

J. Lo keeps it sassy and sexy in sleek skinny high waisted jeans and stilettos…

And Nicole Richie takes a risk in Sass& Bide high waisted cut offs with a tank tucked in.
If you’re brave enough, try these items:

Top Row: Lux High Waisted Skinny Jean, $68, www.urbn.com; Sass & Bide High Waist Short Shorts, $238, www.intermix.com.
Bottom Row: Theory Lacey B Short Skirt, $175, shopbop.com
High Waisted Denim Sailor Pant, $148, www.ardenb.com.
So what do you think? Will you make haste to buy high waist?
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19 thoughts on “Trend Talk: High Waisted Heaven?”

  1. no. that’s not even right. i like the high-waisted shorts and skirts with a wide belt (within reason), but the suspenders thing… and the high waisted jeans… some things need to remain in their decade!!

  2. The best high waist jeans I’ve seen are the one Keisha Cole rocks in her new video “Let It Go”

  3. i personally love the look (not so much on genevieve – yikes). katie holmes and nicole richie do it best in my opinion. never thought i’d say that!

  4. I think the high wasted denim looks good on somebody with a shape like beyonce.

  5. I think Beyonce & J-Lo rocks them best, I don’t see myself doing the same though…

  6. I don’t know why I just can’t get down with this trend. If you have anything other than a perfectly flat stomach you will look pregnant.

  7. I really like Nicole’s Look with the highwaisted shorts. I might look for some that aren’t $230 dollars, but I’ll definitely be picking up a pair like that soon!

  8. I like the trend! I think it can be flattering on some shapes. I really like the nautical look. But I wouldnt spend alot of money bc I do think it won’t be around to stay.

  9. beyonce has no business in high waisted jeans. looks like a pancake. wide with no ass

    ciara’s the only person with the body for that.

  10. ciara and fergie pull it off nice.

    jlo always looks hot cuase she knows what to wear

  11. As a curvy diva with a super high waist, I can say I’m pretty excited to see some of these high-waisted looks. The suspenders – I can pause on that – but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some affordable pairs that I can wear. Frankly, I’m tired of seeing women who have no business in low-rise jeans and their unmentionables!

  12. i can’t stand this trend, and i don’t think high waisted jeans look good on ANYONE. (the only person who looks halfway decent to me is genevieve jones and thats because she can do no wrong in my eyes) i still won’t be caught dead in any skinny jeans, because i know they don’t compliment me. some trends need to stay dead and buried. what are they going to bring back next? big ass shoulder pads and aquanet?

  13. I don’t like Beyonce’s ensemble in the high waisted denim. I think the HOD shirt is just four much.

    All in all, I like the trend, though. Express had some wonderful high waisted pants in black and chinos at the end of Spring. Very cute and inexpensive.

  14. I’ve had some high-waisted pants for a couple of years now. They can have a very glam old-Hollywood look if you play it right.

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