After so many teasers and pushbacks, Coming 2 America is finally here! After almost 30 years since the first Coming to America hit theaters, the second serves up just as much fun and comedy with leading star Eddie Murphy as King Akeem. Not to mention, the fashion is to die for, all thanks to award-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter and her team. We caught a glimpse of Teyana Taylor’s looks from the movie, and you know we’ve got details.

For one look, Teyana Taylor as Bopoto wore a gold ensemble by Laurel DeWitt. The look included a bralette, gorgeously-adorned headpiece and what appears to be a long skirt. Each piece was complete with gold plating and chain-like detailing.

For her second look, Teyana Taylor’s character Bopoto appeared in a black and gold look by Cylinda Nesmith Davison. The garment appeared to be a one-piece with flared leg openings and a cutout chest, complete with gold royal-like accents throughout.

All looks for the movie were curated by costume designer Ruth E. Carter and her team which included Tanja Caldwell, Erinique Ellison and Cylinda Nesmith Davison. Ruth E. Carter also served as the costume designer for the first Coming to America as well as other notable movies like Black Panther, B.A.P.S. and Malcolm X to name a few. She is the First Black woman to win an Oscar for costume design and first Black costume designer to earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is the second costume designer ever to earn such an achievements in both categories.

For the film, the fashion still remained regal but with a modern twist. Ruth E. Carter tapped a few designers for the film in order to achieve this aesthetic.

Carter recently sat down with tv and radio personality Bevy Smith to discuss the film’s fashion, cultural impact and more. Carter shared some fashion tips viewers could try out while watching the movie in order to get into “the spirit of Zamunda”. She expresses that women can wear head wraps, wrap-around fabric for a skirt with a regular t-shirt, or tribal.

She describes the film, “It encourages you to embrace your African-isms and African roots…I think it brings so much joy to the whole family.

You can view Coming 2 America and all of its fun and fashion on Amazon Prime Video, available now!

Photos: Coming 2 America / IG