While viewing collections and celebrities are the main reasons most indulge in Fashion Week, I also go to view how real people adorn themselves for the occasion.


People of color were representing with lots of Real Style, and of course I had to snap a few pictures:
A Gucci purse worn with a navy blue coat, short boots and matching beret signal understated chic.
A straight fit siren pencil skirt and zebra print top are enhanced with a vintage-esque belt and clutch.

Donning an all black ensemble consisting of a cape, scarf, skinny pants and glasses certainly makes a statement.
This young lady flaunts bold colors early, matching purple boots to a purple plaid tie neck top, yet mutes it all with a generous fur.
Haberdasherry at its best, this young man always looks fetching with a top hat, vest, and walking cane.
And an all beige skirt suit and spectator shoes are jazzed up with a cute bowl haircut.
While everyone looked great, the Real Style Award would have to go to this young lady…
…a Hampton University student with a flair for fashion. She stood out by mixing prints like plaid and herringbone with elements that were demure, yet chic (i.e. a black leather pencil skirt and patent leather bag). I had to ask her about her outfit, and she revealed that aside from her Steve Madden shoes, everything was vintage! With a student’s budget, she managed to look like a magazine girl. Great job.
It’s only Tuesday, but I’m already tired of the crowding, lines, and waiting in the tents. It’s a circus! I have a few offsite shows on my platter, including a very cool one today. Stay tuned!
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*Check out Zulema Griffin’s Fall 2008 Video Presentation:


3 thoughts on “Real Style: Tents”

  1. I love that Gucci Indy bag, but I think the print is a bit too much. There rest of her outfit is fire though.

  2. hey Claire!
    Great to meet you at the coutorture mixer last week. I am so inspired by your blog and your diligence!!

  3. @kim- i’m sorry but do you have a gucci bag? is there any particular reason why you’re hating? when the rest of your outfit is very understated (she was wearing a lot of muted colors) you need to wear a statement piece to stand out. she looks fabulous. a lot of the real style photos look great. i love how people are exhibiting their creative inclinations through their clothing.

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