So I’m in London, enjoying shopping at TopShop, walking around Trafalgar Square and drinking Pimms!
While I’m here to relax (natch), you know I still had to find some Real Style!
So I present episode three of Fashion Bomb TV!

What do you think of London Style?

8 thoughts on “Real Stye 2.0: London”

  1. I was in London two years ago last summer and I loved their style. We were told for my study abroad experience to dress less Americanize due to possible terroristic threats but I was told by my British classmates that I had a classic european style… looking forward to more footage.. btw luv the site :)

  2. Claire! Enjoy your trip!! make sure you drop by the Primark in Oxford Circus…its a fashionistas dream!!! lol well an American’s dream since the dollar is flipping useless lol

  3. Your post is so interesting. Inspiring and educational. Keep up the good work. I love this blog!

  4. yes they do . the minute we got off the tube we say some awesome outfits. Londoners are on top of the game when it comes to fashion

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