Do you think only ordinary people enjoy playing at the live Canadian casino? Then you are wrong. In fact, actors and singers also enjoy casinos, and George Clooney is one of them. This man is not only a gambler but also a fashionable star. Here are 6 rules he follows. 

White Pants

George Clooney is a big fan of Italy and yachts. In the past, paparazzi often caught him near the shores of Amalfi, and his wedding with Amal Alamuddin took place in Venice.


Yacht dress code suggests comfortable shoes and lightweight sailcloth pants, hence Clooney’s love for white cotton pants. He pairs them with light leather loafers. 

Jacket and Jeans

Smartly dressed in the movies, the actor prefers comfort in life. He faithfully wears a pair of threadbare jeans and has not betrayed his favorite leather jacket for years.


He supplements his universal outfit with gray cotton shirts, scarves and hats, with which Clooney has a special relationship: various hats, fedoras and bunis do not suit the actor, but he does not like them less. The shoes are as comfortable as possible and deliberately vintage. 

Leather Jacket

It’s one of the items of clothing that allows you to make the image several times cooler and more youthful in a few seconds. George wears leather jackets with monochrome T-shirts or shirts. The main rule is the quality of outerwear.


Even on the red carpet, if the occasion allows it, the actor prefers to look outside the protocol. Yes, he appears at Oscar parties fully equipped – with cufflinks and in a three-piece suit – but outside of the Dolby Theatre walkway and the Cannes Festival receptions, the actor attends in a multi-colored shirt and a more relaxed suit.


An obligatory detail is the top buttons of the shirt unbuttoned and the derbies polished to a shine.

Bow Tie 

George Clooney prefers this accessory instead of a tie. The bow tie came into fashion in the 2010s, causing a boom in the production of this stylish element of men’s closet. Unlike a tie, it creates a less austere and more elegant look.


The actor is rarely seen in bright clothes with provocative prints. Clooney prefers black, gray, brown, white colors and simple styles, intelligently combining these elements of clothing. A white T-shirt or shirt, a monochrome sweater, a black leather jacket, blue jeans are the most stylish.