Wow, I really can’t party like I used to! I’m settling in to chill hardcore for the rest of the weekend–which made me think about this throw back viddy:

A few questions/observations:

1. Who knew Tiny was so hood?
2. Why in the world was the whole West Coast gangster look ever fashionable for women?
3. Why in the world did I rock the West Coast gangster look? Yep, I used to sag my jeans and button up the flannel shirt! Lol. Glad that was a passing phase…
Have great weekends!

7 thoughts on “Friday Video Fun”

  1. Honey, that was my jam! I remember that phase, thank God I was not into that look! lol!

    I believe the year was ’93 or ’94.

  2. who knew tiny was soo hood!??!?! is that a serious question.

    1) she is an eternal baby momma

    2) have we seen how she dresses!?! definitely wont be in “this week in chic!!”

    money does not buy style. clearly

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