In preparation for Convos With Claire LA on August 10th, we are featuring bombshells in LA. Today’s bombshell is Sonique Saturday aka @soniquesaturday who is based in Los Angeles, California!

Sonique Saturday may be a familiar name to you as she is the handbag designer responsible for the bags with sayings such as “You Fake Like This Birkin” or “Quit Your Day Job”. Her handbags have been spotted on Amber Rose, Christinia Milian, and even Yung Miami. Her designs even caught the attention of Gucci which many accused the fashion house of copying Sonique’s designs for their Fall 2016 handbags.

Besides being a gimmicky handbag designer, Sonique is also celebrity stylist, creative director, and social media guru with over 54,000 loyal followers on Instagram. Her stylishly curated feed is used to promote her bags and also show off her unparalleled style.

With Sonique, there are no rules or limitations when it comes to her style. She loves to mix patterns and clash colors to create a look that is all her own. You rarely spot her not rocking her bomb hats or her very own handbags with her fits. Overall, Sonique’s style can best be described as fearless and daring as she is not afraid to take fashion risks.

We are searching for Bombshells based in Los Angeles this week! If you possess a bomb style that is all your own, submit 6-10 different looks along with a description of your style to bo*******@fa**************.com!

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