Back in March, designer Atira Lyons announced that she had purchased a space which would be become a store for her self-named brand. Early this week, Atira announced the store would be opening soon with a picture showing a wall of her very-own luxury durags in brown and nude colors!

You may know Atira Lyons from her durags that have gone viral on several different occasions on Twitter. Since then, the designer’s brand has launched to new heights. With the opening of the Atira Lyons store and the offering of luxury durags, this will make Atira the very first Black woman to open the first luxury durag store on the famous Melrose Avenue!

In a recent Twitter post, Atira Lyons shares, “the durags [were] just to get you in the door” suggesting that a wider product offering is soon to come. Classifying herself as “all-around designer, she adds that her first apparel collection will also be released soon and furniture will also follow! In the past, Atira has been known to dabble with bikinis known as “kinis” and dresses as well.

Be on the lookout for more from Atira Lyons! If you are in the LA area, you can shop with her in-store on September 4th.

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